Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ventilate Vertically!!!

I recently read prayer referred to as 
"ventilate vertically".  
Don't you just love that?!?!?
Oh, me, too!

As I've shared with y'all, prayer is a vital part of my devotions each morning, as I'm sure it is for all of you reading this, too.  Are you as overwhelmed with emotion as me at how God hears and answers us?!?
HE never ceases to amaze me!!! 

A few weeks ago, I was on my pity pot....
(imagine that!!! ;-)....
....and one of the things I prayed about that morning had to do with friendship.  Within less than an hour, I had received a call from a friend asking me to walk with her at the park....and another friend wanting us to go to lunch!!!  God is showing me that HIS idea of friendship and mine aren't always the same!!!

This past Thursday, being June 30th, was the last day of my Journey devotional and I didn't have the one for the month of July. That is my favorite little devotional and God has spoke to me so much thru it!!  Since I don't have a subscription to the magazine, I asked God to send me another devotion that was as good as Journey.

Well....God did me one better....and ain't that just like HIM!!!  My sweet friend, Ms. Mary, called yesterday and asked if she could stop by the house....and guess what she handed me when she got out of her car!!
Yep....a copy of July's Journey magazine!!!
Ms. Mary knows how much I enjoy reading it!!!

So....I'm thinking I better be prepared because HE must have a few more things HE wants to say to me!!!
Uh-oh....maybe I need to be more careful what I ask for....
....just kidding....
....I think!!!
Ain't God good?
Oh, yes HE most certainly is!!!

HOPE your 4th of July weekend is great, 
Sweet Reader!!!
Be sure and take some time to "ventilate vertically"!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!

(Pappy told me he would buy me a subscription to Journey.... I wasted no time taking him up on that offer!  
The subscription is already ordered!!!)


  1. Oh that is great about the friends you have and the magazine sounds good too!
    God is good and gives us way more then we ask for...

    Have a Safe and Happy 4th God Bless you

  2. Yes, God is good. And I really like that v.v. description of prayer. I rejoice with you in the quick and specific answers to your prayers.

    I'm not familiar with Journey. Glad you're going to get subscription. There are so many "tools" out there - internet now another source.

    Your blog banner is SUPER cool! Happy 4th Holiday to you & Pappy.

  3. Oh yes...God is good! He supplies our every need!

    He wants to teach us, and to refresh us.

    I have been refreshed today by visiting here!

    Happy 4th of July!

  4. It makes my heart rejoice to read of the love of our Father coming to you in such sweet ways ...he is a good god ...we are blessed!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24