Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Women of the Bible - Abishag

(cause of wandering)
 Pieter Fransz de Grebber
1600 - 1653

I Kings 1:1-4
King David was now very old, and no matter how many blankets covered him, he could not keep warm.  So his advisers told him, 
"Let us find a young virgin to wait on you and look after you, my lord.  
She will lie in your arms and keep you warm."
So they searched throughout the land of Israel for a beautiful girl, and they found Abishag from Shunem and brought her to the king.  The girl was very beautiful and she looked after the king and took care of him.  But the king had no sexual relations with her.

At seventy years of age, King David was very feeble.  He needed a young person to keep him warm, which was a medical remedy often prescribed during ancient times.  His physicians hoped her youth could revive a dying David, but the treatment failed.  After David's death, one of his sons, Adonijah, asked for permission to marry Abishag.  Solomon saw this request as an attempt to take the throne and had Adonijah killed.

 I'm quite glad that this practice no longer exists.  I don't think I would appreciate very much a doctor prescribing a young girlie to keep Pappy warm in his old age....I do believe that's my job!!!

Happy Tuesday, Sweet Reader!!!

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  1. You are so funny. Yes it is your job to keep Pappy warm, and his to do the same for you. But wasn't it an awful thing? Placing a young girl in with a wrinkly dying old man..It would put them off forever. David didn't really live long did he, and Soloman took no nonsense. I am glad I live now!!
    Love Crystal Mary

  2. LOL ...you got a snicker out of me this early early morning .....let us remember the Caylee Anthony Trial today in prayer ..that justice will prevail...only God truly knows all the ends and outs of the craziness !

  3. Thank goodness for electric blankets. If I die before CL, make sure he has a good electric blanket...lol


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