Monday, August 15, 2011

A Slice of Summer!!!

I adore's one of my very favorite things about summertime!!! And....since my favorite hobby is crocheting....well, why not crochet up a slice of watermelon?!?

I didn't have a pattern, just made it up as I went along, using yarn that I had on hand in watermelon colors....and I was pretty pleased with the results!!!

I sewed little round buttons on as the seeds....and lined it with some pretty coordinating fabric!!!

 As hubby tells me all the time....
"you're 'purse poor' "....
....meaning I have way too many purses!!!

Is that even possible?
Can a girl ever have too many purses?!?!

Blessings to you,


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  1. Wow..inspired from Water Melon...creative minds find their inspiration out of anything and this looks fab

  2. Darling bag Deb! Wish I had time to crochet...:o) I ADORE watermelon designs..and this is beautiful!

  3. Hi Deb. How fun to hear from you! : ) This watermelon bag is AMAZING!!! Kudos to you for your creativity. Especially since you had no pattern. I LOVE the black-button-seeds and the adorable lining.
    Happy sewing! : )

  4. A woman can never have too many purses.
    You are so creative. Love the purse :)

  5. Hi! You were featured on my blog this week! Come be and check it out!

    ~ Sarah

  6. how fabulous! This is such a funky bag

  7. Yesterday was National Watermelon Day! So I put together a round up on Craft Gossip and included your post. Thanks for a fun craft!


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