Monday, August 1, 2011

Mishmash Monday!!!

Since yesterday was a VERY hectic day....and I didn't get a chance to prepare what I had originally, let's do a mish-mash of things happening in my neck of the woods!!!

1.  Last Friday, I visited my sweet friend, Ms. Evelyn, at her daughter's house.  I've shared with y'all before that we're "walking buddies"....and since she hasn't been able to walk with me, well, I've gotten a bit lazy.  Anyway, Ms. Evelyn's daughter is in stage 4 cancer (brain and lung)....and hospice is with her.  Please keep Ms. Kathy and also Ms. Evelyn and her family in your thoughts and prayers as they struggle thru this very difficult time. Ms. Evelyn has already lost her husband and another daughter to cancer.

2.  As I've shared with y'all, Pappy and I are going to be grandparents again!!!  Our number of GRANDchildren are going to double from 2 to 4!!!  Our daughter and son-in-law are going thru the process of adopting 2 children from Uganda.  Please keep this situation in your prayers.....and that God will provide emotionally, spiritually....and monetarily!!!  You can click here for more info!!!

3.  Speaking of Uganda....guess where a team from the church we've been attending is gone to right now on a mission UGANDA.  Now....that's absolutely nothing but a God-thing that He would send us there "for such a time as this"!!!!

4.  And....speaking of church.....I've gotta share this one, as to how God answers prayers.  Since God has been leading Pappy and I to a new church, we've visited about 4 different ones.  At two of the churches we attended, The Lord's Supper was served.  I asked God if that was a "sign" that one of those 2 churches was where He wanted to plant us.  Well....we've been visiting one for about a month now, even gotten settled into a Sunday school class....and low and behold, they had The Lord's Supper yesterday morning and we knew nothing about it until we got to church.  I laughed telling Pappy about my asking God for His "sign"....and said that God must have said, "okay, Deb, if that's the sign you you go"!!! 

6.  Is it hot where you live?  
Is this what they call "global warming"? 
Or....isn't it just the good Lord trying to let us know Who is in control?  It's in the upper 90's here with a heat index of over 100....miserably hot.  I pray almost daily that our heat pump doesn't explode!!!

7.  And, since I always like to end with #7....I just want to say how happy I am that you've made it this far....and that you put up with my meandering.  Most importantly, I'm so glad that you choose to follow me here at Jeremiah 29:11.  Please continue to pray for me....that I will ALWAYS try my best to be in God's will....and that I will use my blog as a ministry to share His goodness with the world!!!

This is a song that we've been learning for the last several weeks at church and I've found myself going around during the day singing it.  See if it doesn't have the same effect on you!!!

(please turn off my PlayList above before listening)

Happy, happy Monday, Sweet Reader!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Sounds like good things are happening for you. So sorry about your friend's daughter. That must be so hard.

  2. We have three adopted grandchildren. Just got to see one of them yesterday - she came to us from Ethiopia! Praying for the details of the adoption of "your" two...

  3. Oh I loved reading all that has been going on with you, the adoption is awesome, that will be nice to have more grand children :)

    I too am sorry about your friends daughter, is she saved? Just what you can and be there for Evelyn, as she loses her daughter.

    Glad you found a new church, my husband and I have been there before and the signs that the Lord gives you are wonderful.

    Thanks for this post!

  4. With 1 adopted grand daughter and 2 adopted nieces, I can relate to all the stress (some good, some difficult) that goes with it. You are all in my prayers and also your walking friend and her daughter. Praying that you will all feel the Lords peace!


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