Monday, September 26, 2011

Feeling a bit overwhelmed.....

....with love and gratitude.

I took a little blogging break so that I could spend some time with my family.  Last Thursday, Pappy took a day off from work and we spent the entire day together just running errands and getting some necessary things done.  On Friday, the boys spent the day with me and came back later on and spent the evening with Pappy and me.  Then on Saturday, I spent the day with Jess at an adoption fundraiser and we had a wonderful time.  Ms. Darlene, a friend of mine since we were in grammar school....came early and didn't leave until it was over around 6:00!!  She even bid on and won a scarf that I had crocheted.  SONday morning, I woke up with a terrible headache and I know it was from eating sweets before I went to bed....something I know better than to do.  Pappy got up and brought me back some headache meds around 6:00 and as he lay back down and we settled back down to sleep for about another hour....I suddenly had a feeling of overwhelming love and gratitude for him.  As I thought back over the last few days, I realized how blessed I am to have such a loving family and friends who truly love me....faults and all!!!   As I lay there and pondered how sweet my life is, I realized it's only going to get better because of two more precious GRANDbabies we will bring into our homes and more importantly into our hearts.  As I thought about all of this and realized how blessed and happy I truly am....I couldn't help but wonder if that was only a smidgen of how God must feel about me.  
And it all brought such a feeling of peace and contentment!!!

Then, as if all of that wasn't enough....we were blessed to be part of an amazing, Holy Spirit filled church service about one of my favorite topics....
....prayer!!!  And, last night, we were privileged to get to listen to a pastor from Romania tell some amazing stories about our Jesus....and shared a pew with two very precious friends of ours!!! 

So often I take family and friends for granted....but I am truly blessed to have some true friends....a CHRISTian husband who loves me....a  daughter and son-in-law who are listening to and obeying the prompting of the Holy Spirit....precious GRANDsons who mean the absolute world to Pappy and me....but most of all a loving, kind, generous, compassionate, merciful and full of grace Savior....
....Who calls me His own!!!

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Beautiful. I loved your thought about a glimpse as the what God must feel about you.

  2. What a beautiful & uplifting post, Deb! Overwhelmed in the most positive sense! Rejoicing with you in an ENDLESS HOPE. All glory to our wonderful Savior and Lord.

  3. Wow - thank you so much for this post and I'm so glad to have found your blog! I'm always looking for blogs that are encouraging and spirit led!

    I am a new follower from the monday hop at Debz Deals!:)
    I cannot wait to check out the taps on the top - especially your recommended books!


  4. You surely are blessed. I know the feeling. I feel completely blessed as well. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us.

  5. Deb, Thanks for sharing this post, I know it came straight from your heart.

  6. Yes you are blessed but so IS your family ... with a loving wife, caring mother and the "most" nana ever....

  7. That's a sweet post, Deb and I'm so excited about your new grandchildren. :o) I have number six due next month. I'm just sad that I can't be there for the birth. Sniff..but we'll go see them in January.

    Our life is filled with so many blessings isn't it?


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24