Monday, September 19, 2011

I've Had Enough, Lord!!!

Have you ever said those words?  
Or, maybe something like....
"I just don't know how much more I can take"! 

I have a friend who used to say that and I gently reminded her that it might be best if she didn't  'cause just maybe God would allow a few more things to come her way to make her realize that she truly couldn't handle one more thing....
....without HIS help!  

I want to share a Bible story with y'all that I found as a real encouragement to me....because we're not the only ones who sometimes feel like just giving up!!!

The great prophet Elijah had destroyed the prophets of Baal and it made Jezebel so angry that she threatened Elijah's life and he fled.  He was so worn out and weary as he traveled in the wilderness that he cried out....
"I have had enough, Lord".
 I Kings 19:4

As Elijah lay down to sleep, an angel appeared to him....twice....and encouraged him to eat....

"Get up and eat some more, or the journey ahead will be too much for you."
I Kings 19:7 

(If you want to know the "rest of the story" here)

Here are a few things that spoke to my heart as I read this familiar story.

 If the great prophet, Elijah,  can become discouraged and troubled....then, what makes me think it won't happen to me, too?!?

 The angel appeared to Elijah not once, but twice, to encourage him to eat.  As I've shared with y'all before....God often has to use different methods....numerous times....before I finally say....
"Are You talking to me"?

The angel encouraged Elijah to eat because 
"the journey ahead will be too much for you".
I've learned that I have to "eat" from God's Word each and every day....and it's best  if I start my day that way....because if I don't....the day ahead will be way too much for me to handle!!!

Don't you just love it when God speaks to you through His Word?  

HOPE you have a marvelous Monday, 
Sweet Reader!!!

In His Most Precious Love....and with mine!!! 


  1. So needed that today! Thanks :)

  2. There is such a good message for us today in this example from so long ago. I'm glad you shared it today.

  3. Your post made me feel better. Sometimes I feel like I've had it...I've learned all there is to learn from this lesson...and my favorite whine is 'Who isn't learning from my trials? They better hurry, cause I'm DONE being an example to them. It's time for me to move on.' LOL

  4. I am thankful for the banquet table the LORD prepares for me daily ... as I sleep he gather's together all the bread and wine I need to give me the strength for the day ...enjoyed your blog Deb....

  5. Great post Deb. I have certainly have said those things before, but not to the Lord. When things have gone so bad that I think I can't take any more or say "what more could possible go wrong?" I am always reminded of what my mother has always told me. God never gives us more than we can handle. Give your problems over to the Lord. He will help you and guide you through it. I can certainly say he has, and every obstacle or problem that has come my way, my faith is always there, and I'm very thankful.

    Thanks for linking up to the Motivational Monday Blog Hop!

    God Bless!
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