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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Work in Progress!!!

 Edited to add....
several of you have asked for the pattern.  
It was such a blessing that it was offered as a FREE download @ Crochet Me!!
Click here to download the pattern!

Someone mentioned to me that I haven't been posting a lot of my work lately. Well, it's not because I haven't been's just that I sometimes forget to take the time for pictures.  I'm working on an afghan and hubby is hoping I'm gonna keep it for us. I don't crochet afghans much, just an occasional baby blanket. This one is a challenge to me because it has so many different stitches that I've never learned, but figured it was about time!!! doesn't get monotonous because it consists of twenty squares, all different!! 

 Five down....and ONLY fifteen to go!!!




  1. It sounds really interesting, with everything being different - I'm guessing it'll be a learning experience too with all the new stitches?!

  2. I love the squares! I haven't seen a blanket where all the aquares are different, can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Ooooh ! Linky to the pattern(s), please ? I love your color choices :-)

  4. I'm such an uneven person when it comes to crocheting...You have such a lovely talent! Hope your next 15 turn out the way you want!

  5. Ooo, what blanket pattern are you using for the squares? I'm doing one with 63 different squares, but most of them are just basic blocks to learn stitches instead of more advanced ones like in your picture. :)

  6. Those are some very complicated little squares! I like the way the colours loop in and out. It's going to be an amazing afghan!

  7. Ooh I like the afghan. Looking forward to seeing it finished. I don't blame your husband, I would want to keep it too!

  8. I like how you are making a blanket with different squares, sounds fascinating and challenging :)

  9. It's going to be so unique when it's done with all different patterns for the squares.

  10. Love the colors you've chosen. Can't wait to see more squares!


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