Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa, Are You For Real?....Part II

.....continued from Saturday's post.

The father recognized Nick and smiled.  "Keep my secret,"  Nick asked.  And the father did. 

For years after that, no one knew who had helped the three daughters.  And because Nick loved Jesus, he kept doing kind things for people. After he died, people called him a saint.  And over the years, people remembered Saint Nicholas and how he gave gifts.  

In Holland, they call him Sinterclaas.
In England, they call him Father Christmas.
In France, he is called Pere Noel.
In the United States, he is called Santa Claus.

The real Saint Nicholas is now in heaven with Jesus.  When you see a Santa in a store, or a parade, think of Saint Nick.

Of course some children know all about Santa and presents and reindeer but forget all about Jesus.  For Saint Nick, that would ruin Christmas!  Jesus was Nick's whole life.

Saint Nicholas gave gifts because Jesus came on the first Christmas to  give himself for us.  

Todd said, "I'm going to do what Nick was about,
I'm going to give gifts and not be found out!"

Todd ran up the stairs, his face full of scheming.
A long time went by till he came back all beaming.

Stuffed toys and a dump truck, a clown with one leg
All wrapped for Michelle and her brother Greg.

Todd piled them up high by the tree lighted bright,
and then announced, 
"Saint Nick's here tonight!"

"I'll act like Saint Nick, Todd said to his Dad.
"It's Jesus he loved - He makes us all glad!"

His Dad just laughed as he lifted the boy,
"That's wonderful, Todd. To share gives us joy."

As the family sat around and talked half the night,
Todd thought he saw in the snow and moonlight....

....a bright-eyed Saint Nicholas with his sack looking in,
and wide across his face, a jolly old grin!!!

So....did you enjoy the story about the TRUE Santa Claus?
I like that he taught that JESUS is truly....

AMEN....and AMEN!!!

HOPE you have a great week,
Sweet Reader!!!

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Thank you for finishing the story. It was so beautiful.

  2. Perfect!! I loved it.

    Funny that today I bought a Santa Claus for my 1 y/o grandson - for next year. I've never bought a Santa Claus in my life.

    It was a St Nick holding the baby Jesus in his arms. He has his eyes closed. The expression on Santa's face is of awe. I thought it was beautiful.

    And your story goes along with that. Great ending.


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