Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A vine full of roses!!!

This makes the third one of these scarves I've made....just finished this one up for a sweet friend's daughter and it's already off in the mail to Nashville!!

You can find the pattern at Red Heart....except, I used a different pattern for the roses....and you can find it at Lion Brand!!!

I told Pappy I want to make one for myself one of these days....but with a lighter green and smaller roses!!!

So....whatcha think?!?!?




  1. That is so pretty, I can also see it as a garland, maybe swagged over a pretty lace curtain.

  2. I'm thinkin' I want to order one!!!

  3. I already posted it on facebook, but I would like to order one with the multi colored roses...not just the 3 colors, but as many as you put in...beautiful beyond words!!!!! Deb Hansard

  4. This is really adorable. Love your talent.


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