Monday, February 13, 2012

Cold Turkey!!!

Do you get a bit excited when you make a life-changing decision?!?!?
I know that sometimes stepping out on faith  can be a bit nerve-wracking....
....'cause us a bit of anxiety.....but it can also be an exciting time if we know that what we're doing has been orchestrated by our precious Lord and Savior!!!

Lately, I've decided to make some changes in my life.  
I've been on a medication that my doctor put me on close to 2 years ago....and thru a day of fasting and prayer with our SONday school class....actually on my birthday, January 21st....I knew that God wanted me to quit taking did...."cold turkey"!!!  

Prior to that decision, I also cut out ALL soft drinks. beloved Diet Mountain Dew is a thing of the past.
And....again....I quit drinking it....
...."cold turkey"!!!  
(can you say....major headache for close to a week?!?!? :'(

Last year was a rough year for Pappy and say the least!!!
I've gained some of my weight back that I lost in 2010.
  So....I decided I had to get it under control before I gained it all back.
I'm cutting out sweets and lots of other carbs. 
And, yes, I'm doing it....
...."cold turkey".  

I find that's the only way I can do things. 
I know we all approach things in our own way....but,  cutting back....slowing down....tapering off....that's just not in my nature....I'm pretty much an "all, or nothing" kind of girl!!! thinking is clearer....feeling better....getting stronger!!!  

When decisions like this are made, I like to have scripture to cling to that helps get me thru.
Here's a verse that spoke to my heart several weeks ago.... 

Job 23:12
I have not departed from the commands of HIS lips;
I have treasured the words of HIS mouth more than my daily food!!!

Have I departed from the commands of HIS lips?
Yes....many times!
Have I longed for HIM more than my daily food?
I'm so sorry to have to say...."not always".
But, oh how grateful I am that HIS mercies are new each and every morning!!!

Lamentations 3:23
Great is his faithfulness; 
      his mercies begin afresh each morning.

How 'bout you, Sweet Reader?!?!
Do you just taper off....or, are you a "cold turkey" kinda gal, too?!?!?

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. This morning I am a "cold" cold turkey girl...not but one time I had to taper off and that was when I quit smoking that last time in my life ...November 2000....

  2. God definitely brought me over to visit you this morning for a reason....I needed the enocouragement of your post....
    And Yes, I am a cold turkey kind of gal......I need to do some of the same things you were talking about...stopping diet soda, etc. and I join you today in encouraging you to be all God wants you to be......Let's go girl.....

    I love your new header...very pretty...

  3. So glad to hear this. If we don't have time to be sick, we DO have time to make our diets consume of only healthy foods. I wish the best for you, for health, and your family. You are going to need to be your healhtiest as you are about to need more energy to run around with grandchildren.

  4. Oh my mercy am I under conviction! I have played around with so much being that "Just taper off" kind of gal! Lord Jesus give me the strength! Thanks for the post sweet lady. Hugs and blessing, Cindy

  5. Thanks for the motivation!

  6. Cold turkey all the way! Glad to hear you are feeing better already.

  7. Enjoyed this post so much.

    In September I stopped my Mt Dew "cold turkey". I'd tried the taper. Didn't work.

    I'm a "cold turkey" kind of gal. Thanks for the reminder that I am.

    I have a few things to work on this year. I think I'll make a list and do them one-by-one "cold turkey".

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Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24