Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where did God find me?

The last two nights of our revival the congregation was urged to respond as to how the series of meetings had affected us by answering five specific questions.  Since I wanted to share with y'all a couple of things that impacted me and my walk with Jesus, I think I can do it best by answering these questions.....

1.  Where did God find me?
God found me prideful and fearful.

2.  What were the consequences of going my own way?
The consequence of going my own way was  being miserable about 
certain situations in my life.

3.  What did God say to me?
God specifically spoke to my heart on SONday morning, March 18th and on Tuesday night, March 20th.  On the SONday morning, the message was about forgiveness and I realized that I harbored ill feelings in my heart and they were only hurting me, not the other person.  But, I also realized that I needed to forgive "me", too.

4.  How did I respond?
On SONday morning, I made my way to the prayer room and got down on my hands and knees and repented, asking God to forgive me.  But....the greatest revelation  came when the message was about fear.  The more the speaker talked....the more I realized that I've lived in a state of "fear" most of my life.  I've allowed others to talk about me and run over me and use me all because of an unhealthy "fear" I've had....a need to please.  As this realization came over me, it was like I was filled from the tip of my nose to the ends of my toes with the Holy Spirit and I began to smile....and it was like a load was lifted from my shoulders, realizing that I only need to please HIM.....and should never allow ANYBODY to have that kind of power over me!!!

5.  What are the benefits/blessings that I've experienced from obeying the Lord?
  Not long after the revival ended, our GRANDsons and daughter all got sick with walking pneumonia, ear infections, sinus infections....then, Pappy and I both got sick, too.  As we prayed yesterday morning, Pappy said he felt that Satan was trying to distract us with sickness so that we would forget how the revival had affected us.  Well, guess what devil?  It ain't a gonna happen!!!  The other day, I went for hours without thinking about a certain thing that had been concerning me for quite some time....and when I realized that I hadn't thought about it....it was one of my very "unhealthy fears"....I just smiled and thought to myself "wow".  The Holy Spirit gently prompted me by asking, 
"Didn't you pray for that?"

....forgiveness, of self and of others.  
It's all about HIM....for HIS glory....
....praise HIS Precious and Holy Name!!! 

"Revival is not the top blowing off, 
but the bottom falling out."

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!


  1. Oh Deb,

    How I can relate to so much of this, thank you for sharing and God Bless all you do in His Name.

  2. What a breakthrough you had! How powerful to put these experiences in writing. For yourself. And for us (me)!

    The issues you identified and turned from are quite universal, I believe. To recognize it personally IS freeing.

    Praying all your physical symptoms cease SOON!

  3. Praying in the mighty name of Jesus that you all be healed and quickly Debbie. I know that REVIVAL had REVIVED you....I can feel it in your writings. God is so good! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. I pray you and family are feeling better today. After reading your post I know your spirit is feeling better. Praising God for the wonderful revival that you have been blessed to be a part of. Hugs and Blessings..

  5. Wow. You go girl. What a great exercise to do.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24