Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch!!!

Ms. Patrice at Everyday Ruralty has come up with some great questions this week.  Plus...she's having a sweet give-a-way of NuNaturals Orange and Lemon Liquid Stevia.
I haven't tried those flavors....but I use the vanilla flavor in my coffee EVERY morning.
Head over to Ms. Patrice's place and leave a comment to be entered to win....that's all you've gotta do!!!

Do you have any musical instruments in your house?
If so, which ones do you have?
We have guitars and a mandolin....and a keyboard.  Sometimes our GRANDsons like to play "band" with Pappy!!!!

When you take a walk, what are you likely to pick up from the ground?
The last walk I took, I picked wild daisies and brought them home and put them in a vase.  I've also brought home a spoon....a key....rocks....and feathers!!!

They say to have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.  I guess that means you have fuel for your body to get through the day and don't have a full tummy when you go to  bed.  Are your meals like that?
Well....my breakfast is most always the same....coffee, oatmeal and yogurt.  I usually have a light lunch....and not usually a heavy supper....but I nearly always have the munchies at night....bad, bad habit to break!!!

Do you prefer iced coffee or iced tea?
I like them both....but drink LOTS of iced tea and iced coffee only occasionally!

How do you handle doing things you'd rather not do?
That depends on what it is....and what kind of mood I'm in!!!
For example.....our daughter recently asked me to crochet her some rosettes for hair bows....and I did them very quickly....but, I have orders for a hat and 3 scarves and because I know they won't be used until colder weather....I've put it off....and put it off....and put it off!!!
The ones who ordered them are gonna forget about them if I don't get a move on!!!

HOPE all of you have a great Wednesday!!!




  1. I hopped over from Patrice's. Oh, I can see myself avoiding making those hats too! When it comes to work like that, I definitely have to be in the mood!

  2. Oops - I forgot to thank you for stopping by my chat - and yes, that nighttime snacking is tough for me, too! I'm fine if I don't begin, but if I put one thing in my mouth, it's all over!

  3. I don't usually pick up anything when I walk but if I saw those daisies I would pick them! I love daisies! Love you answer to the last one- that's me too. Have a great day!

  4. You found a spoon? lol Interesting :)

    Here's my chat:



  5. I'm glad you joined in. It always makes me happy to see your link.:)I emailed you a week or two ago with a few questions regarding crafts. I must have had an old email address or it went into cyberspace. I wanted to know if you have an Etsy store. patrice@everydayruralty.com


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