Thursday, May 31, 2012

Owlie Shoes!

Isn't it amazing how popular owls have become?

I've loved little owlies since I was a young girl....
....and now that I'm a not so young girl....
....I still adore them!!! 

Look at all the little owlie shoes I found....

If I liked flip flops....which I don't....I'd want the whimsical owlies!!!

Cute Owl Flip Flops

Now....these are more my style!!!

And, I really like these.  
They are Rocket Dogs.  I have a pair I found at a yard sale and they are sooooo comfy....but don't have owlies on them!!!  I really like the teal/blue color!


These are hand-painted....and adorable!!!

Another pair of painted Tom's.
I'm going to be on the lookout at yard sales and thrift stores for some canvas shoes I can paint on!!!

Yellow hand paint custom Owl TOMS shoes
image credit

Converse even got into the owl groove!!!

image credit

But....these are my faves.....owlie rain boots!!!

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  1. Whooooooo would expect owls on all of those lovely things!


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