Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch!!!

Everyday Ruralty
I can't believe Wednesday has rolled around again....so fast!!  Time is just flying by....it won't be long 'till we will be thinking about CHRISTmas!!!

In the meantime, here's what we're talkin' about today on Ms. Patrice's porch!!!

Do you exercise?
Yes....off and on!!!
I get quite a bit of exercise working in the yard, mowing, raking....running around with GRANDsons!!!  I love to walk for exercise, but have gotten out of the habit with having to go with my Mom so much....but, my sweet friend, Ms. Evelyn just called me yesterday and we decided we're gonna start back....soon and very soon!!!

What's your favorite type of party, or get together?
I'm not much of a partier!
Now, that's not to say that I'm a party-pooper!!!
I'm very much an introvert.  I prefer family get-togethers and cook-outs over what I would all a party!

What's your favorite kind of melon?
Oh, without a doubt....WATERMELON!!!
Love, love love it!!!

Do you ever go to a farmers' market?
I haven't been to one in a very long time....but the question brings back a sweet memory.  Daddy used to take us to one in August of each year.  I can remember how big it was and all the cars and trucks parked inside selling their fruits and veggies.  It was a big warehouse and very loud from all the echoing.  We would always get peaches for Mom to freeze and Daddy would always buy us a watermelon and bring it home and put it in the well house to get good and cold.
Sweet, sweet memories!!!

Would you prefer a series of day trips, or a week's vacation?
I prefer day trips.  We haven't been on a week's vacation in many.....many years.  But, we do take a day every now and then to just get away and enjoy nature and each other's company!!!  Those make for the best days....and also make more sweet memories!!!

So....once again....that's that about that!!!

Thanks, Ms. Patrice....and thank you for the pretty bouquet of flowers!!!  Tell Wendell hello from the Wise Old Owl!!!



  1. How wonderful to have those 'sweet' memories!

  2. Introvert? You? I wouldn't have pegged that. A fellow watermelon fan-yay! Good that you have a friend to walk with.I like day trips too. Have a good week.

  3. Your fond memories of your daddy are so sweet, just as sweet as the watermelon you had. I remember cold slices of watermelon on hot days, too. It seems my grandparents would store theirs someplace cool like that, too, but I just can't recall where. I do remember my great-grandparents well, though. We could draw a bucket of water in the middle of summer and it would be icy cold. I just loved it! Today's bottled water can't even touch the natural fresh goodness from my great-grandparents well. ^.^

  4. Exercise has become a habit for me. Finally. It sure took long enough. LOL I've never seen an indoor farmer's market. When I was growing up we got all our beef and veggies from my great grandfather's farm. I remember 'putting up' all those veggies with my grandmother. I sure wish she was still here to do it with me now! She used to make watermelon rind pickles from the watermelons!

  5. I'm an introvert and shy, too. Family get-togethers are more my speed as well when it comes to parties. Nothing beats spending time with loved ones and hearing their stories.

    The farmer's market that you described sounds really cool. :)

    Have a great week!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24