Monday, July 16, 2012

Our precious GRANDsons!!!
I was taking pics of them from the front seat of the car without turning around and didn't realize that Sam saw the camera....hence the face with the lip pooched out.  Sawyer gave me his usual "Saw face"....which he knows I adore!!!
I love both of these boys with my entire heart.....but Sawyer hasn't been happy with Nannie for quite some time and I just today realized why.  A few weeks ago, we bought Sam a pair of shoes for $1 at the thrift store and I couldn't find Saw a pair.  I've gone back several times and searched and they didn't have any in his size, or didn't have the shoes out that day.  He found these flip flops with soccer balls on them at Big Lots for $2....and I wouldn't buy Sam a pair, too, because we had already bought him shoes. Saw held those $2 flip flops like this all the way his precious heart!!!  He was so tickled....and suddenly became Nannie's boy again.   Whew....glad that little ordeal is over....'till next time, I guess!!! 

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