Thursday, August 23, 2012

I hate it when that happens!!!

I don't like to use the word "hate"....but don't you just dislike it ever so much when you have to be corrected....reprimanded...."called out"?!?!?!  I didn't like it as a child....and think I like it even less as an adult 'cause after all....well, I'm an adult and I should know better!!!  

So....what's up this time, are you asking? guessed it....God is having to put me in the corner....take away my toys....stick me in time out.....make me stand at the chalkboard with my nose in a ring!!!

Did you get a visual of all of that?!?!
Did you laugh?!?!?

A couple of weeks ago, Ms. Patrice at Everyday Ruralty asked a question on here weekly meme 
One of the questions was about watching soap operas.   When I worked full-time (this topic keeps coming up for some reason)....the ladies in the office watched The Young and The Restless every day at lunchtime.  I live just down the hill from where I worked, so I came home for lunch a lot, but sometimes I would take my lunch and watch it with them.  Well, you know it doesn't take much to get hooked on those things....okay, maybe not for some weaklings like me. When I quit work and was home most days, I would turn it on out of habit....a very bad habit, I might add.  I still watch it occasionally, maybe once or twice a week....but....a lot of days I'm not at the house and I'll get home right as it's going off....and every time that happens I feel in my spirit that God worked it out that way for a reason. He does not want me filling my mind and heart with that garbage any longer.  He stopped me from listening to secular music several years ago (please know if you do and God ain't got on your case about it, then that's great....
....but He won't allow me to do it)!!! I am....having to be transparent once again to y'all!!!

I've come to a conclusion....I've gotta be the most disobedient, dysfunctional, distressing  CHRISTian in the State of Tennessee....okay, on the entire planet!!!
(don't you love when you can describe something in 3's using the same first letter?!?!...;-)

I was reminded of this scripture as God touched my heart about always filling my mind with "such things"!!!   I like that the little sign looks like it was written by a child....
....'cause God has to get on that level with me quite often....
....even at my age!!!

And....for the I typed this....I was home when the show was on....and I didn't turn on my TV!!!   But....before you start giving me any accolades.....ask me about this time next month how I'm doing!!!  
And, I mean it....PLEASE do....hold me accountable....
....'cause Sweet Friends, I need all the help I can get!!!

In HIS Most Precious Love....and with mine!!!



  1. Precious blog! You love your openess en the spiritual lesson.

  2. Hi Deb.

    Afraid I have to hold my hands up, I do follow a couple of soaps. I know what you are getting at and maybe God is wanting to speak to me about it. I make the excuse of light relief:)

  3. Hi Deb!
    This is very funny though serious! I love the way you wrote this, and like you I have my own weaknessES but God's strength is made perfect in our weakness. His help is right there with you and He knows how to deliver us from temptation. Take it a day at a time and don't stress it, His help is with you.

  4. We all need to have accountablity, that's why God puts special friends in our lives!! Stay strong, you can do it.... next month I'll be giving you high fives and a lots of atta girls!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24