Monday, November 5, 2012

True Friendship!!!

When Pappy and I started attending our church, we met a man in our SONday school class and found out that he and his wife go on missionary trips to.....
.....would you believe?!?!?

I know without a shadow of a doubt that is an "it's not odd, it's GOD" thing.....
that God would place is in a church....and in a SONday school class....with a gentleman who goes on missionary trips to the exact place where our new baby GRAND-daughter lives!!!

When we joined our church, we were asked to join a Small Group.  We had never been involved in Small Group before and really had no idea what was involved....but guess who our Small Group leader is?  Yes, the fellow in our SONday school class who takes the trips to....UGANDA!!!

Mr. Edd and his wife, Ms. Kathy are currently in Uganda on a 10-day missionary journey.  They help their mission team in a medical clinic where Ms. Kathy hands out eyeglasses that have been donated and Mr. Edd witnesses and tells those attending the clinic about Jesus!!!  Even though they're over 7,000 miles away from us here in Tennessee, Mr. Edd took the time to write us a personal note.  I want to share the e-mail we received from him that I read before church yesterday morning with tears streaming down my face....and when I read it again, out loud to Pappy, we both cried.  Keep in mind that Uganda is 8 hours ahead of our time here in Tennessee. 

 I was recently sitting in a Bible study class and I jotted down in my notes "people who really care....really care".  This is such a precious example of friends who care....and show it!!!

Heavenly Father, I am in Africa.  My friends, Jack and Deb are in Tennessee.  You are on your throne in Heaven.  We are your adopted children because of the forgiveness we have received by placing our faith and trust in your Son.  You tell us in your Word that you love us.  We experience that love every day.  We see evidence of your love in the nature you created.  We see evidence of your love in the way you provide for our needs.  We see evidence of your love in the way you quietly direct our paths.  We also see evidence of your love in the way you walk with us through trials that strengthen our faith in you.

This morning, in Africa, a long way from Tennessee, I lift up my brother and sister in Christ who have faithfully trusted you and honored you through the trial of unemployment.  Through it all, you have provided the necessities of life.  You have provided Christian friends who have prayed for them, encouraged them and helped them.  You have also allowed them to see Christians who have not been so encouraging and helpful, so they will know how it hurts and will never behave that way themselves toward their brothers and sisters.

Father, in the powerful name of mine and their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I ask you to deliver them from this trial today. You are God.  You are Provider.  You can open doors.  You can change minds.  We have seen you do miracles in our lives and I am asking You for a miracle for my friends today.  When your Son walked this earth, a lady was healed when she simply reached out in faith and touched the hem of his robe.  The blind were given their sight when they came to Jesus and, in faith, asked to be healed.  Thousands of followers were fed with a sack lunch.  Truly, you are a God of miracles.  You are also a God of love; love so great you were willing to sacrifice your Son so that a sinner like me can experience forgiveness and eternal life.

Father, we are reaching out to touch the hem of your robe today with faith that you will supply this need for employment.  We are blind today of your will and your direction, but we are coming to you begging for sight and, just as you provided a feast from very little, I ask that you bless and multiple the resources that my friends have so faithfully committed to you.

Father, we enter this day with great anticipation of what you are going do in our lives, both in Africa and in Tennessee.  This day is in your hands and whether you provide employment for not; whether you provide sight or not; whether we have bread to eat or not; we will still love you and trust you because you are our God and we love you with all our heart.

In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

“May the God of hope, fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Rom. 15:13

Dear Lord, may I be this kind of friend to others!!!

In HIS Most Precious Love...and with mine!!



  1. Thankful to God that you have friends from Uganda locally. Your right that is God not odd.

  2. Amen. How blessed you are, Deb. You're right. It's not an "odd thing" -- it's a God thing :)

  3. Hi Deb,

    I love God incidences thank you for sharing this and sharing this lovely prayer.

  4. That was beautiful, you have been truly blessed.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24