Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Swift Kick.....

You know how sometimes it just takes a swift kick in the behind to get us to open our eyes about something?  

Well, that happened to me yesterday!  

I took my Mom to her heart doctor and when they weighed her, 
they did something they don't usually do.
The nurse "announced" her weight out loud.
Now, since that wasn't their usual protocol.....
I pretty much knew it happened just for me!
the difference between my weight.....
and what my Momma weighs.....
is close to 100 pounds!!
Now in my defense.....
my Momma is very much underweight.....
probably by about 25 pounds.....
and 5-6 inches shorter than me.....
but 100 pounds?!?!

I'm tellin' y'all this because.....
well, I'm not exactly sure why!!
Other than to say that God opened my eyes....
and gave me a swift kick in the behind!

How 'bout y'all?
Has God ever had to smack you up the side of the head to get your attention?

Psalm 119:18a
Open my eyes that I may see.....

Breathing in Grace,




  1. WoW, those swift kicks from above can really get our attention! I've had a few along the way. Thank you Lord!

  2. Thats a special blog. Love it to read. 100 pounds ... wow!

  3. 100 more pounds to love? Yes, God has lots of ways of getting his words across to us. My doctors office has always announced weight, bp, etc. Maybe you are opening your own eyes sweet friend. xo Hubby and I both need to get back in shape, we've both slacked off over the past several months. Good luck to us all :)
    I hope you have a struggle free day ;)

  4. Debbie, my problem isn't the fact that He does give me a swift kick but my problem is listening to Him! Just recently I told Marty that I HAVE...MUST...get back to walking or something. I have no upper body strength as it is but I am not helping myself by doing NOTHING. Maybe your post today is my stiff kick sister! Love you! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Hi Deb! First of all, I spent over twelve years working as a nurse in an office, and I am appalled to think that this employee would act so unprofessionally. Ok, that said, I'm glad you could pull a positive out of the whole situation.
    Has God ever kicked me in the behind? I think so, but I am really good at doing it to myself, so maybe he uses me to do his work! But naturally I am a little self-involved, so I do need that little 'love tap' on my head to wake up and look around me. I try to see it as a graced moment :)

    Love the blog header! I just walked through our town's public gardens, and there are many tall sunflower plants. I just love them :)


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24