Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sweet September.....

I do believe that September is my favorite month of the year!
I've ALWAYS loved September.
When Pappy and I first got engaged in January of 1977,
I had wanted a September wedding.
Due to some family circumstances,
we decided to get married in April of that year instead.
(and no, it wasn't pregnancy.....:-)

Sweet September is the month of several birthdays of people who just mean the absolute world to me......
my precious Mamaw - September 13th
the absolute best father-in-law - September 11th
the best friend in the world - September 18th
and, the month God blessed us with a daughter - September 29th
So, no wonder I love September, right?

It also brings back such precious memories.
When I was a young girl, the first day of school wasn't until after Labor Day.
  The county fair was also in September and the school bus would take students to the fair.  I remember having such an awesome time with classmates riding rides at the fair and then the bus taking us back home.  It was the month that Daddy would take our family to the farmer's market and get a bushel of peaches for Mom to "put up", and would get a watermelon and put it in the well house to get cold!  Daddy would also take us to Cosby to the apple orchard and we would take a jar of peanut butter with us to eat on those fresh apples!!!
Going to Cosby is still something Pappy and I do in the fall!

Sweet September.....
It's when God gets out His paintbrush and splashes the most beautiful colors on the leaves and mountains. It's about all things pumpkin and sweaters and turning off the air conditioning and playing outside and craft fairs.....
and that first pot of homemade chili as soon as a cool night is predicted!!!

Awww, yes.
Sweet September.
How I've missed you.....
let me count the ways!!!

Breathing in Grace,



  1. I sure enjoyed your sweet thoughts and memories on this sweet September morning. ((hugs))

  2. You're DEF. a September gal, Debbie! It IS a beautiful month (a little gloomy & wet up here today, but that will change)...


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24