Monday, January 19, 2015

A miracle happened.....

....on the way to the bank!

     My brother and I were talking Thursday afternoon and I mentioned that we never know how often God protects us when we're on the road and keeps us from having an accident.  Well, the very next day, that thought come to fruition, except that I knew that God had His hand of protection over me.

I was driving to the bank Friday afternoon, and as I topped a little rise, there was a huge black SUV in my lane headed straight toward me.  It caught me off guard at first and I thought that the car was driving across in front of me to turn into a driveway.  Then, I realized that he didn't turn into the drive, but was still in my lane driving right at me.  I tried to cut over to the shoulder of the road, but at that place in the road there wasn't much of a place to pull over.  I glanced at the car the SUV was passing and it was stopped in the middle of the highway.  The driver had obviously seen this car coming toward him in his rear view mirror and that he was passing him and was going to hit me.  If that car hadn't stopped so the SUV could swing around him.....right in front of me.....I'm not sure what would have happened.  In other words, I might not be typing this right now!  It completely unnerved me and I had to go down the road a bit and pull over and regroup.....
and praise God that He had just saved me!!!

Breathing in Grace,


  1. Do you remember an old Amy Grant song "Angels Watching Over Me"? Some of the words sound very much like the way you describe the potential accident you avoided!

  2. "Today He loves you so much that He cannot keep his eyes off of you."

    I like that!


  3. Oh my, Deb! I am so grateful for His protection over you. I would have had to pull over and regroup also...for a long time.


  4. Hi Deb! Thanks be to God who saved you from injury! I so agree with your idea that God is with us, and protecting us in ways that we detect, and ways we will never know. I have a blog post coming up on this very subject! I think it's so important to try and see God's hands on our lives. We live because he wants us to be here!
    That said, I think I'd be FREAKING out behind the wheel if I were you. God is so good!!

  5. Praise God, He had put His angels on your fender!


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Proverbs 16:24