Monday, November 30, 2015

{ December Scripture Reading }

I HOPE everybody had an awesomely blessed THANKSgiving and weekend.  Ours was so very nice. We spent the day with Pappy's seven brothers and sisters and their families.  There were probably close to 50 people there.....yes, it was a bit chaotic at times!  You should have seen all the food.....WOW!!!  There were babies to love on and pictures to be taken and catching up to do!   I got our CHRISTmas tree decorated and put garland and lights over the front door.  This is the earliest I've decorated in 39 Christmases together, and I'm really enjoying having the tree lights on at night.  We sat out a little nativity that I had totally forgotten we even had.....
hubby found it in the basement!  
Mercy, it's hard telling what all is down there I've forgotten about!  

Can you even believe that tomorrow is the first day of December?  Where has this year gone?  I always heard that time flies as we get older and that has really proven to be true in my life!

Speaking of December, I came across this little chart and thought y'all might be interested in doing this plan during the month.  It says to write the scriptures each day and spend some time pondering over the verses.  I may not write out the scripture, but do plan on reading them each day and seeing how God speaks to my heart.

(I think you can click on the picture to enlarge it for printing)

Happy Monday, Everybody!


  1. I like that list, our anniversary is the decorating here yet. Hubby will get the tree sometime this week, so he says. I did change out the wreathe on the front door, can I count that? I am just so busy with school..................sigh.

    Have a beautiful Monday, friend and thank you for the smiles. Blessings

  2. I always think that the prettiest part of Christmas decorations are the lights. I'm always glad to put it all away at the end of the season but I do miss the lights. Thanks so much for the scripture reading schedule. I was going to look out one today to begin tomorrow so yours was right on time! Have a blessed day!

  3. We received an Advent booklet at church this past weekend, with daily readings up through Christmas. It is a great thing to do and really only takes five or ten minutes out of your day. It's nice to slow down and really think about the true reason for the season. Be blessed today!!

  4. 50 people? Whew! And I thought our thanksgiving could get chaotic! ☺ Thank you for sharing the scripture writing plan! I have my reading plan all picked out on youversion and am so excited to start this advent season. Have a wonderful week, Mrs Deb!

  5. Oh Deb...times does fly and it seems to get faster as time goes by! Sounds like a good time with Jacks family, a lot of people makes for a lot of fellowship. My Christmas is up too and also the earliest ever. Don't know what's going on with that because I've seen others say the same thing. Always love visiting with you, thanks for the chart. Hope you have a super duper Monday filled with blessings from above. ((hugs))

  6. First, your title picture today is beautiful! Love love love it! Thankful you had a happy Thanksgiving with all the family. It is hard to believe it is nearly the first of the last month of the year. It flew by for sure. Have a great day, and enjoy the decorations you have already put up....mine still needs to be done, what little there


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