Tuesday, May 3, 2016

{ A favorite time of day }

One of my most favorite times of day is right now......
around 5:30 in the morning.
My bum knee has hurt a bit during the night.....
just enough to aggravate and to let me know it's not happy.....LOL!
I got up to put some essential oils on it for the pain.
As I stepped into the living room,  I was greeted by the sweetest sound of the birds singing to welcome the day.   It's almost like they're in some kind of competition to see who can sing the prettiest song.

I can't help but think God planned it just that way.
That nagging pain in my knee was just what I needed to get up and spend some time with Him!
I wonder how many times I've missed those precious things He had in store for me because I was too busy, too preoccupied, too caught up in my own selfish worries to realize He's right there.....
ALWAYS right there......
and has a blessing in store for me!

I apologize for being so slack in visiting these days,
but so appreciate all the comments and encouragement my friends leave for me here.
I somehow think my blogging might be headed in a different direction.....
I'm prayerfully considering what God is asking of me.

HOPE EVERYBODY has an awesomely blessed day!!!


  1. Hope you have a lovely day friend...whatever you decide about blogging etc., I understand...smiles

  2. Early morning is my favorite too. Enjoy this day and be blessed. Be blessed in His great love for you, strength and the wisdom He will give.

  3. God does have His way of getting our attention. He must have had a word for you this morning. Wherever you take your blog I hope you keep blogging, your posts, and your walk with the Lord is an inspiration to so many. You are a blessing. Have a great day. ((hugs))

  4. Morning is my favorite time, too. The birds start singing here around 4:00-4:30, before it gets light.

  5. I enjoy stepping out for the newspaper each morning, around 6:15 for just that same reason! The birds are singing to welcome the day and everything else is quiet. Love it. How blessed are we!

  6. I'm sorry about your painful knee. But sometimes the Lord gives good times when we have difficulty with pain or trouble. Nice start to your day. A encouragement for me as a reader.

  7. I like early morning too but not quite as early as you. I'm out the door walking usually at 6:30.

  8. Great post today. Love the quote at the end.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24