Thursday, May 19, 2016

{ One thing leads to another }

Before I tell y'all about my new trash can, I wanted to let those of you who asked about how it went keeping our youngest grand-boy on Tuesday that it was great.
That boy, though.
He kept telling me, 
"Nannie, my belly's not full."
(He truly does take after his Nannie)
So, what was a Nannie to do but keep on feeding him....LOL
The sweetest part was he took his nap in my arms.....
pure sweetness!

Now on to my new trash can......

you know you've really gotta be scraping the bottom of the barrel can for this to be what I write about, right?

So, I'm walking down the aisle at Big Lots and pass by a row of  trash cans.  I thought to myself.....

"Self, you need a new trash can for the pantry."

 We keep our can in the pantry and the one in there is way too big, so I looked through all the ones on display and chose one that was "just right" and had the swinging lid and I'm realizing I must be a bit OCD about certain things if picking out a trash can is like making a major purchase.  


we get home and I place the new can in the pantry.  Now, mind you, our pantry is just a "closet", but it's a blessing to have for storage.  But, when I placed the can in there, I realized how messy it was......
I began taking things out and straightening up and several hours later it was looking really good and I keep going and opening the pantry door just to look at how much better it looks.


I had a light-bulb moment.
Letting that pantry get out of hand once again is so much like my Spiritual life.  I let things start to clutter up my mind and slip reading God's word and praying like I should and before I know it, thinking just this once is okay, or who will find out.....
I become just like that pantry......
looking nothing like a Christian woman should look, but allowing the world to clutter up my heart and mind.  When I realize this and start drawing closer to my Heavenly Father then I really think He looks at me and feels kinda like I do when I see the work I did in our pantry.....
maybe a sense of pride comes over Him and He smiles and says.....
I'm so glad she's mine!

How about y'all?

Do you let things get out of hand in your home?
(I'm really not a very good housekeeper because my passion is gardening and being outdoors)

Does one little thing lead to another with you?

(after cleaning the pantry yesterday, I've spent all morning cleaning our laundry "room", which is yet another closet behind bi-fold doors with a cabinet over the washer and dryer)

Are you OCD about buying a trash can?

(okay, you don't have to answer that one.)

HOPE Y'all (hi, Ms. Linda) have a Terrific Thursday.....

and don't forget tomorrow is our Friday Foto Friends link-up!


  1. Oh yeah...very much so...We finished up in the basement and I bought new curtains for the kitchen and didn't like having the Kitchen/backdoor window, we just got back from Wallyworld and Lowes looking for a solution to my problem (lol). Lowes had this anti glare/anti heat/svu film that offers the privacy that I was looking for, $15 later. Hubby has done the backdoor window and now the kitchen windows, hopefully it won't be so hot in there during the summer. He said he has enough to do the 4 big living room windows too.

    Oh how I can relate to what your saying...btw, we are on the look for a nice trash can too. steps, right? Smiles

  2. bahahaha...yep, you have me ROFL...isn't it crazy when you get something all clean and organized, how you just want to keep going back and looking at it...hold your breath now, don't touch it or move it. Just let me enjoy it for at least a day!! Laughing put aside now, your analogy was great. We do need to clean out and unclutter ourselves, then maybe we need to stand in front of the mirror and see what God has

  3. Debbie, great post. Clutter builds up so easier in our homes and our spiritual lives.

  4. Funny you should mention that! I sure do. Come home with new shoes ... Organize the closet. New clothes ... Organize by item ... New medication ...clean out old prescriptions. I would love to have a new trash can for our pantry. Ours is big and DH doesn't want one with a lid and I do. So nothing smelly can go in. I take out sacks of things that might not smell so sweet later in the day.

  5. Oh my yes...things get out of hand all the time at home and with my spiritual life. You hit the nail right on the head!!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24