Monday, June 20, 2016

{ Encouragement }

Right when we need it most, God steps in and provides the words of encouragement He knows we've been longing for.  The last few weeks (actually months) have been a bit rough.  I've shared that Pappy had an accident on his job and he hasn't been able to return to work yet.  He's been off for four months and we'll be going to a new doctor this morning who specializes in ankles/feet.  My Mom's diagnosis with mild/moderate Alzheimer's and getting the medicine needed straightened out (actually, her agreeing to take it was the first hurdle) took up a few days last week.  I try not to burden others with my issues because I find when I do share them, I feel I come across as complaining and that my problems don't compare with the things they're struggling with.  God knew the struggle last week, though.  He sent me blessings through so many sweet comments on the Alzheimer's post and yesterday I received the most awesome personal e-mail from a lady who just stumbled upon my blog while searching for scripture.  We really know WHO sent her to my blog, though, right?  She spoke of my encouragement to others, but y'all.....
I can't even explain the encouragement you give me!

I truly believe that's something God calls us to do, and I know I totally fail at that some days when my focus is on me, me, me.  When that happens God has to send me gentle.....
and sometimes not so gentle reminders to turn my eyes back up on Him.  
He asks me to let Him be the One who sends me the encouraging words I need to hear from the ones I need to hear it from, and  to let the rest of it go.

He's such a good, good Father!


  1. Thank you for sharing this post today and the Bible verse. Yes, I need to pray for God's strength every day, to delight myself in HIM, and not to let the things of the world weigh me down. God bless you as you encourage your sweet parents.

  2. It's very easy to get focused on ourselves when things are like they are with you (and me!) You have been such an encourager to me and I hope I can be for you. I'm praying that your husband's new doctor can help him. Have a blessed day.

  3. You are not a burden---so don't think that, sweet friend. Thank you for sharing, and keeping you and your hubby in prayer....smiles

  4. Never, ever think you are a burden. Our friendship means so much more than that! Happy to pray for you and your hubby. We are all human with human failings and how blessed that we have an understanding God!!

  5. Never a burden!! Always a please to stop by here.

  6. I don't find you complaining. I call it sharing here and there and then we know how to pray for others. So glad our God gave you just what you needed when you needed it. I love the scripture verse too. Blessings. xx

  7. I believe there is a difference between sharing your struggles with others and being focused on nothing but yourself. Yes, we should take our struggles to the Lord first and look to Him for answers. But I believe we are also meant to lean on eachother for support. After all, we are meant to be His hands and feet here on earth.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24