Sunday, June 12, 2016

{ SONday Scripture }

Do you ever just wish God wouldn't work so hard trying to show you something? Many times it's about the deceit of others, but most often it comes back to haunt me about my own shortcomings.  I was trying to counsel a fellow on Friday about forgiveness and later on, as I thought back on the conversation, I realized God was doing a work in my own heart about some of the things my friend is struggling with. 

I saw something this morning that brought up a tinge of anger in me.  It was yet another example of a person who, whether they realize it or not, seems to have absolutely no mind of their own, having to get so many of their ideas from me. It brought up a lot of emotions that I thought I had buried.  Well, I guess I had buried them, but obviously in a dark place in my heart and mind that I allowed to resurface from just reading a Facebook post.  I thought I was "over it".....

God brought it back to light....:(

There are so many times I wish I could expose others for who they really are.....isn't that a funny statement?  I had to kinda chuckle after I typed that  because I had to think about what I had just written.  What I had to say would be totally based on MY OPINION, and we all know what they say about those, don't we?  Then I think to myself, what if God exposed me to the world for who I really am? What if He put on display the things that anger me and cause me to fear and many of my thoughts and actions and words? Let me tell you, it wouldn't be pretty! 

So, I'll just let God handle each and every situation and know that He has a much better plan of action than me spouting off at the mouth.

(I'm pretty sure my husband would disagree with me there, though....LOL)

Let us NEVER think we're better than others.

Let us NEVER think "that'll never happen to me, or I'll never say/do that"!

Like my Momma used to say.....

(I'm quoting my Momma a lot these days)

"Given the right set of circumstances and the right frame of mind, 

it could happen to anybody."

HOPE Y'All have an awesomely blessed SONday!


  1. This is just so awesome! It is exactly what the LORD is telling me today after my feelings were hurt from someone I love dearly, yesterday. Never expected such rudeness from this person.....I must understand that all things are working for my good I am trying to embrace the pain of the offense yesterday and let it be a light upon my own Jeremiah 17:9 heart! Today as I Thess 5:18 instructs us, "Give thanks in every thing for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you......Thank you my friend for the post...this morning ...confirmation that the LORD wants me to focus upon HIM who knows my heart that I may repent of the deception and wickedness with it .....Much Love

  2. Oh are most def. talking to many issues going on here at home, family, friends and so on...and I caught myself thinking the very thing yesterday when my husband was on the phone with his brother..."Let us NEVER think we're better than others"---oh oh...guilty...and I also have a mouth on me as well. Not a cursing mouth, but a mouth or a temper that will blow up. It has been very hard lately to keep my temper in check...and then here are times perhaps I ought to say something or correct a behavior etc...a very fine line to walk...(that's what my mother use to say, "A very fine line, missy.")

    Thanks Deb...hope this SONday brings you joy. Blessing sweet friend.

  3. A powerful post, Deb! I've found that very often the very things I see in others that irritate me are the same things I see in myself. How often I see someone overweight and think "They really should do something about that" and then I look in the mirror and I'm busted. I pray for compassion every day to others because often what I see in others I see in myself as well.

  4. Good word this morning Deb! Thanks for sharing your heart.

  5. We can so easily get wrapped up in 'ourselves' that we completely shut out all 'reason.' But those of us who know the Lord can always count on the Holy Spirit to bring us back to 'reality.' He gets us back on track, His way is the best way! I love how He speaks to you and I love how you listen.

  6. "So, I'll just let God handle each and every situation and know that He has a much better plan of action than me spouting off at the mouth."

    There is so much wisdom in this approach, I can't words...

  7. Yes, God sees my heart and my motives. I need His grace and mercy!

  8. This is so good and so true. Glad to know I'm not the only one, but so glad that God shines the light. It would be awful to stay in the dark. Thank You, Father, for showing us Your wisdom through Your Word, Holy Spirit and other believers.

  9. Thank you for your honesty because it always hits home in some way and makes me think....Deb, you are not alone by any means in your struggles. We all have them!! A powerful testimony!

  10. YEESSSSS!!! I have seen so many people recently spouting off about the sins of others with so much anger and even hatred. And it leaves me with two thoughts.. 1)How often I do the same thing and 2)we are ALL sinners, just because our sin may look different doesn't make us any better than the person we are judging.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24