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Saturday, October 15, 2016

{ Whatever..... }

As I sat crocheting one evening this week, the TV was on mainly for the "noise". The show wasn't something that I had ever seen before and as I glanced up every now and then from my crochet I felt very convicted because of what I consider pure filth blatantly shown on TV,  things that years ago would have only been shown in an X-rated movie (not that I've ever even seen one, I'm only guessing). I turned the channel but it was too late because the image I had seen on the TV screen was already planted in my head.  The same goes for things shared in Facebook posts. I can't erase some things I've seen from my mind and it breaks my heart at stuff Christians will share and post for everybody to see, including children and grand-kiddos, letting them think that it's okay to slander others, or use foul language. Shouldn't we be trying to set an example for others?  Shouldn't we try to build each other up and love on one another and not completely disown, for lack of a better word, another person just because we don't think like they do? 

 Please don't think that by my words here that I feel like I'm in any way superior to anybody because I was told that once and it just broke my heart and made me question myself and my actions.  I've lost "friends" (a term that is used way too loosely) because of my stand and the fact that I'm considered a "stick in the mud".   I sin each and every single day with my thoughts and actions and things that I fail to do that I know I should or do that I know I shouldn't.  I even realize I've judged those who post those things, which is wrong on my part.  But, isn't that an example of how our actions affect others, even if we don't realize it? As Christians we should want everything that we see, say, and do to honor Christ. 

Oh, how I fail Him each and every single day. I can only HOPE to strive to live up to this verse of scripture......

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  1. I remember growing up with Andy Griffith...sigh...todays TV shows are filth, oh there are a few channels I can watch, I like the shows on Hallmark...but you know, stations like HGTV are sure going "gay"...just drives me nuts. (hope that didn't sound bad, not meant to be, just being truthful.)

    Great post, Deb...have a beautiful day friend.

  2. Deb, I am so with you on this! Such trash on TV and that is why I disconnected cable from my TV over a year ago. I would sit and just flick from channel to channel to see what was on and I saw such garbage. I haven't missed it a bit. You are so right, that once you see an image, it's there. I have had to hide a lot of posts on FaceBook for the very same reason. I've even hid people completely. I echo what Linda says in her comment. Have a blessed day.

  3. I am so with you and that is why we continue watching reruns of decent shows. I never cease to be amazed by friends who post such obnoxious words, rants and images. I usually just unfollow them, but they remain my friend. Just don't want to see that stuff. I never watched hgtv, so judging from what the others say, I certainly won't now. Have a good Saturday.

  4. It is pretty dismal. The tv shows today are gross and moronic. The commercials are worse. The news media is unreliable. It's all propaganda. I may sound like an old curmudgeon, but I am not old. It's a constant cacophony of deliberate deception out there, trying to shape public opinion and normalize things we would normally reject. I just turn it off.

  5. I have a little plaque on top of my computer desk with that scripture verse on it. I look at it frequently to remind myself to stay focused on the good things that God wants us to view, read, and write. When I am tempted to wander off course, I go back to this verse and say, "Thank you Lord, for Your protection over my mind and spirit. Help me to stay on track with you always!". Thank you for this excellent reminder today.

  6. We watch so little network TV. I agree with you on the filth we are bombarded with these days. I hate to say that I've gotten kind of numb to it, which probably isn't a good thing either. Love your last graphic. Amen.

  7. Oh can I ever relate to your post! We don't have a TV for the very reasons you shared... the images that catch you in a moment's breath, and then, there they are taken up residence in your mind. We are not on FB either. I prefer to live simply and quietly, and if that is being a stick in the mud, oh well, I'll prefer being a stick rather than being the mud, lol! Great post, and it is a battle that we face, keeping our minds clean and clear before the Lord without anything foul or sinful entering. A daily chore... but I think it is much easier without all the cacophony of social media. Hugs to you dear friend, so happy we have met, I'm glad :)

  8. You are such a blessing, Debbie. Thank you for sharing your heart here as a reminder to all of us about the kind of example we should be leaving for others. We haven't had a television since our children (who are now in their late 30's and early 40's) were really young. When they grew up and left home we saw no reason to return to television. We watch DVD's of old television shows, some of the newer Christian movies, etc. But I've seen some "advertising" on the internet of late that should be X-rated! I have to leave the computer. Even some of Walmart's Halloween advertising is in very bad taste. I went off FB a little over a year and a half ago because of the way even family members were openly sharing their family problems on FB. Thank you, Debbie, for giving me some food for thought and that causes me to consider the type of example I am leaving behind.

  9. It's so bad Deb, we are in such moral decay. I don't watch much TV anymore...and I can't even count how many pages I've blocked from facebook. Satan loves using television and facebook to attack God's children. Some of these images or words enter our mind and it takes the Word of God to get them out....Jesus, Jesus, Jesus....satan flees when we call His name. Let's beat satan at his own game by supporting as much 'good' programming as we can and spread the love of God all over the internet.


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