Tuesday, November 1, 2016

{ Tuesday Thoughts }

Just wanted to share a few thoughts that are running through my mind this Tuesday morning.....

November 1st

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Where in the world did the month of October go?
I started a Bible study that is just a daily reading and pondering and I realized yesterday that I was behind maybe a week. When I picked up the book and my notes, I was A MONTH behind. WHAT?!?!?!?  I know I'm getting old and forgetful, but how did I allow an entire month go  by before remembering it again? Don't answer that if it's gonna be about old and forgetful? ;-)


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Announcements were made Sunday morning in church and one of them was our upcoming THANKSgiving supper?
How in the world can THANKSgiving be a little over 3 weeks away?


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I think being depressed could be why October slipped through my fingers. I spent 3 weeks in a dark tunnel, for lack of a better explanation.  Many of you understand, I know. For those of you who don't understand, please don't judge.  Please don't  say "just get over it".  Please don't quote scripture. Please don't  brag on how you don't ever get depressed, or how you're able to get over it on your own.  Please don't say that the depressed person must not  be a Christian.  Most likely the depressed person has already spoken all those things to themselves anyway.
Moses got depressed.....
so did David.....
and what about Job and so many other great saints in the Bible.
Just pray for your friends when they ask for it.
(which is something I find very difficult to do)


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 Yesterday morning when I prayed, I asked God to send me some encouragement.  Not very long after that a friend called and we talked for over an hour. Oh, what an encouragement it was to me to talk to my friend and share with her some of my frustrations.  She in turn did the same and it was difficult for me to even hang up because of the connection we have. There is NOTHING in the world like a God-ordained friendship.


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And, I'll close with a few things about friendship, especially the ones that God ordains.  As I told our daughter many times when she was growing up, there is a difference between being "friendly" and being "friends". I've had some people in and out of my life who I thought were my friend (because I can be quite gullible) and found out later that I was being used for one reason, or another.  But, I digress.....
God ordained the friendship with my friend who called yesterday morning.  I won't go into detail, but I feel I can tell this woman ANYTHING and she'll understand and I won't be judged and it won't go any farther. As God would have it, He knew that I was gonna need a ton of encouragement so He decided to answer my prayer big time all day long.  Since I've been on Facebook, I haven't been allowed so share pictures of our grandchildren, for privacy reasons, since our two youngest are adopted.  Our daughter texted me a picture late yesterday afternoon and said I could post it on Facebook.  I hadn't asked and it just came out of the blue.  I hurriedly posted it before she changed her mind!  And, then God, once again in His Love and Kindness did one more thing.  A lady who I consider my mentor and also such a dear, precious friend called me late in the evening and we talked for a very long time. Our conversations are always about the Lord and this woman has more Biblical knowledge in her little finger than I have in my entire body.  She is awesome! God truly showed up and answered that sincere desire of my heart.....
please send me encouragement!

So, there you have it, folks.
That's a bit of my rambling thoughts for Tuesday morning.

HOPE each of you has a wonderful day.
Smile at somebody.....
you never know what just a smile will do to lift someone's spirits.

'Till tomorrow.....

just keep Breathing in His Grace and Breathing out His praise!!!

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  1. I hope and pray that your November brings you peace, joy, laughter and love.

    God bless you and keep you!

    Hugs. ♥

  2. My sweet friend, I so understand what you are going through. You have been in my prayers. I will email you today.Hugs

  3. You are so precious...your honesty, your faith, your walk with God is such a blessing to me. Just so happens depression is an old friend of mine, not a good friend either. God doesn't forsake His children, everything thing is going to be okay because He holds us in His righteous right hand. Sending my love across the miles.

  4. You are NOT alone, Deb. You really aren't!!!

  5. Wrapping you in prayer in this season.......I am sure your openness is a gift to so many who walk the same path. God bless....

  6. Oh Mrs Deb! It makes my heart hurt to hear that you have been in such a dark place recently. Praying your November is filled with light and joy. You are loved!!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24