Monday, January 30, 2017

{ Are you having a bad day? }

Let me just say first thing.....
I AM NOT having a bad day.


Yes, we've had some struggles for almost a year now with Pappy's work injury and how he's been treated through the Worker's Compensation system.  Oh, the stories I could tell, but then that would mean I'd start having a bad day and you know what?

I REFUSE to do that!

Although the problems have been real.....
I've seen God's hand guiding us right along and giving us unexpected blessings.

I'm sharing these little "signs" because they spoke to me about how sometimes.....
okay, way too often.....
I allow a word or deed from somebody else affect me ALL.DAY.LONG (and sometimes even longer than that) instead of taking the time to pray about it right then and there.....
OR ask for forgiveness.....
 and get on with life!

they remind me of my word for 2017.....

If I get more and more of Jesus in me,
then I'll be better able to deal with those things (people) who grate on my nerves.....
there, I said it!!!

Maybe these will come in handy for y'all, too!

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HOPE everybody has a Magnificent Monday!


  1. I love the graphic that says "temporary". So true that we let a temporary incident decide our whole day or week or year. Good advise, my friend.

  2. Oh oh....all applies to me...smiles

    Have a beautiful day friend.

  3. "Although the problems have been real.....
    I've seen God's hand guiding us right along and giving us unexpected blessings."


  4. Sometimes I scream and still enjoy the day!! Sometimes when things are going 'bad' at the end of the day I can look back and see that God was guiding me through, that's when the day doesn't seem so bad after all. Sending you ((hugs)) across the miles!!

  5. Love the graphics and most apply to me at times. Enjoy your Monday....God is still in control!

  6. I'm having a blessed day and like you I am going to refuse to let anything change love to others even when they aren't being loveable!
    Continue having a great day,Deb!


  7. Great reminders, my friend. It is always easier said than done, but God knows when we are trying and doing our best. I always say that attitude is everything. We make our choices each day when we open our eyes and start our day. Love & hugs!!

  8. I am late getting around to reading blogs today, but I am so glad I stopped in here. Actually, I wish I'd come here first thing this morning because those signs and your words of encouragement would have done me a lot of good! I love it that you REFUSED to have a bad day! :)


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24