Saturday, February 4, 2017

{ He Speaks }

I chose the word "cardinals" for my Wednesdays' word this week.
(You can read that post "here")

Here's the picture that prompted what I wrote.....

The next morning I had a message on Pinterest that my sweet friend had sent me this picture.....

Then look what showed up on my TimeHop yesterday.....

I'm sharing all of this to say.....

I could very well be wrong but I believe that God speaks to each of His children differently.  He knows us because He made us and is very much aware of our needs and wants and desires and the fact that all of us aren't "wired" the same (since He wired us). I read story after story about how God has spoken to others in similar ways and I in no way have ever doubted that it was God speaking to that individual heart.

So, I'll continue to say,

"Thank you, Lord, I love You, too",

when a cardinal crosses my path!

HOPE everybody has an especially blessed Saturday!



  1. I love cardinals. Such beautiful birds. Blessings, Debbie..

  2. Love seeing cardinals in my back yard! I always talked to them and say "I know that's you dad"! Now that mom has passed and there's two I know it's dad and mom together!

  3. When I see cardinals from now on, I'm going to think of you Mrs. Debbie bc you are such a blessing to me to me. I definitely will be smiling. Love you

  4. Cardinals are especially bright and beautiful in the dreary winters. Hope you are having a good weekend.

  5. I love Cardinals and have many here in our yard. I know they are special just because they are some of God's beautiful creatures. I've had many interesting encounters with different birds at different times, which could often be interpreted as God's special messengers. I give God the glory for His marvelous and sometimes mysterious ways that He chooses to communicate with His children. It's always a blessing when it happens, and when I acknowledge that it was a "That was God" moment. Thank you for these reminders today. You are a blessing.

  6. Absoultly about the good Lord....smiles

  7. Isn't it beautiful to receive His messages and to know He is speaking to your heart!! Have a blessed Sunday!

  8. I so agree with you, Deb. I love it when He sends me an I love you. :-)

  9. Now I'm singing... 'He speaks and the sound of His voice, is so sweet the birds stop their singing'. Our hearts know His sweet voice. Beautiful post.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24