Saturday, June 24, 2017

{ An Extreme Makeover }

Do y'all like to watch those makeover shows as much as me? Whether it's an older home that's getting a renovation, or an actual human who gets a style change, it just amazes me at the transformation and I'm always kinda in hopes that somebody will come along and make changes like that to our home.....
but not at my expense!

 My little re-do isn't even comparable to either of those, but I thought I'd show the makeover my little garden gnome received.  I got this as somewhat of a joke from my son-in-love.  He 's to be funny so he had the idea to place this little fellow somewhere in our yard that I'd find him and wonder where in the world it came from......
but, I was putting something in the back of their van and spotted him and Jess told me the story.  She thought it would be cute to plant a "hen and chicken" in the hole in his back. Well, I couldn't leave him "as-is", so are you ready for his EXTREME makeover?!?!?

Here he is before.....kinda pitiful, don't you think?

I gave him a good scrub, dug through my craft paints to find something along the lines of what he was originally, and here's his reveal.....

Pappy cut and squared up the hole so that it would be more even and I could get the dirt and "hen" in it better.  He looks a little odd with a plant growing out of his back but.....

Now, I'm just waiting for somebody to come along and give this old gal a renovation!

Happy Saturday!


  1. How cute!!!! He's adorable. You did a great job!

  2. I LOVE your cute little garden gnome!!! That is just perfect!!! You did a great job...especially on the eye! It looks so real!! And the little succulent is perfect there! It won't get too big to overwhelm the little guy! And he looks so happy!!! Thanks for sharing your great makeover! Yes, I love the house shows...fixer upper, Texas flip and move, and now I just discovered Nashville Flipped...and am waiting for others to come back in the fall season. They are such fun to watch and give me all kinds of ideas...which all take money, so I can't do them, but I can dream!! You did good!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. He looks perfectly happy having a plant grow out of his back, giggling. Have a great day friend.

  4. Wow! That IS quite a transformation!

  5. I love it! You did a great job and the plant is perfect!

  6. AWWW...his make-over is awesome, I love the plant growing out of his back!!! Wouldn't a make-over be fun, wonder what they (whoever they may be)could do with this ol' gal?! lol Have a great weekend!

  7. He looks brand new! He has to be a happy little fellow today with his new coat of paint. I like how you put the plant in the hole too.
    That is a great paint job!
    I just love garden ornaments and statues like that. It makes gardens looks so cute.
    I have a boy and a girl on a bench out front by my little pond that needs repainting and repairing. I will have to get going on it. You've inspired me Debbie!
    I hope you have a truly blessed day today.
    Sending a hug across the miles.

  8. Great make over!! What a difference.

  9. That old man turned out cute Deb. Awesome job. YES, I need someone to come do something to me! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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