Friday, August 11, 2017

{ Friday Foto Friends #91 }

If you feed them, they will come! Okay, I know that's actually supposed to be "if you build it, they will come" but look at what showed up at the feeders. These sweet little creatures make my heart so happy.....
something I think both my brother and I inherited from our precious Daddy!

A shift in focus.
That sounds like a good topic for a future post!

Taking a breather.....

This one right here thinks he rules the roost.  
He must have found the feeders first and he fights off the others.
Little meanie, he is!

  That's it!
It's all about the hummers today and I can't promise there won't be more because they just fascinate me.

Thanks to everybody who is so faithful to link up each week. I'm sorry that I've been so slack in visiting. Time just  gets away from me these days.

HOPE your Friday is fantastic and you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hummingbirds! I think they are just so sweet. I just saw a Youtube video of a Hummingbird bath fountain. Guy made it himself. Seems they like shallow running water.

    Just look at those shiny feathers! They flit around so fast. You know I have some dragonflies that are bigger than hummingbirds! One of them seems to be curious about me and sits on a Wisteria tendril by my porch looking at me. He wonders who the odd duck is !
    Happy Friday Debbie!

  2. Mr D and I love little hummers! They can be ferocious little stinkers when it comes to their food, many times we have watched one chase away the others until he's through feeding!!! Enjoyed all your pics!

  3. They live on sugar and water. I feel kinship! :)

  4. Love them, especially your new feeder. I put mine away because I wasn't getting any hummingbirds this year. Guess, I'll try again next year.

  5. Oh how I love hummingbirds. These are great pictures!! We have enjoyed watching ours all summer. Soon they will be headed further south for the winter, usually leaving around Labor Day. So enjoy them while you can!! (I may be a bit late on my post today, if at all...just didn't get it done!!)

  6. I love hummingbirds and this year I've only seen two. I planted the flowers they like, so I don't know why they didn't come. We've had a meanie in the past. Your pictures are so pretty.

  7. I just love hummingbirds...smiles. I just loved your photos, Debbie. I hope you have a lovely day friend.

  8. You got some GREAT close-ups!! Happy Friday, Debbie!!

  9. Hummingbirds! Such busy little birds. Nice steady hands you have to get such great shots.

  10. Sweet! I love all your bird photos! Yes, very small bird!


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