Thursday, August 31, 2017

{ THANK-full Thursday }

THANK-full for.....

* Antibiotics.....enough said!

* friends (and family) who take the time to ask how we're doing

* this blog so that I can "vent", ask for prayer, and just talk about things He's put on my heart!

(And PLEASE never think that I think that I've got it all together because I surely don't)

(And PLEASE don't think that I think that I'm in any way superior to anybody else - something I've been accused of -  because if you really know me well, then you realize how over the years my self-esteem has been shattered and that I'm an introvert)

Christian book and devotion writers who seem to just "get me" when I read what they've written "for such a time as this"

precious grand-kiddos.
Y'all, no matter how bad I feel or what's going on in the world, hugs from those little sweethearts make it all better! 
(especially that littlest still my heart!)

getting to watch a funny Disney movie with Pappy and the kids and laughing my head off.....
laughter truly is the best medicine!

listening to the rain falling outside giving a very thirsty yard and flowers a drink this morning.....
and praying for those who are having way too much rain and devastation.

realizing that sometimes my problems seem to be gigantic, but they don't even begin to compare to things others are going through.....
and no amount of worrying is gonna change one thing!

Y'all, I could go on and on, but I'll stop for now.  

I remember telling somebody once how blessed I am and they came back with a really rude "we all are", meaning that I need not think that God has blessed me more than them.  Oh, how that thought didn't cross my mind.  I just know that I am so undeserving of all the good things God has given me!

HOPE everybody has a Terrific Thursday!


  1. A great list of 'THANKfuls'! I've never known you to be anything but gracious and sincere, you sure are a blessing to me!! Hope your day is very happy and very blessed.

  2. You my friend, are real blessing. I hope you get to feeling better. Sending much love, hugs and prayers.

  3. Lots of things to be thankful for aren't there Deb? I could be here all day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. I have never thought that about you! :) I am an introvert too.

    "...remember telling somebody once how blessed I am and they came back with a really rude "we all are"

    If that was in a textbox it can be really hard to get someone's intention. Maybe they meant, "Me, too"? Or...they could just be snippy...ha ha...

  5. My goodness! I can't imagine ever responding to someone's thankfulness at being blessed with hostility. That makes me so sad that someone would feel the need to try to make someone feel guilty for expressing how blessed they are. Your list is lovely, as always Mrs Deb. You ARE truly blessed!! Have a wonderful day!

  6. People just sometimes get a bee under their bonnet. Pay no mind!
    Lovely post and lots of things to be thankful for. I joined in as well.

  7. We are truly blessed to be His children...and it is so good to count our blessings often...we will see that when we think we've got it bad...God has already made it "good"...and we can't help but praise Him. I love your posts and especially love to hear you share God's blessings with us. We rejoice with you! Thank you.

  8. Some days we just can't seem to please others! Hugs from the kids make everything better! I am feeling especially thankful for all the little things in light of the fact that so many right now have lost everything.

  9. I enjoyed your thankful list and I especially agree with you about the grandkids.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24