Thursday, March 8, 2018

{ Fasting }

I realize that fasting is a very personal form of worship.....
and I don't think it really sunk in with me until I typed that sentence that it truly is a way to worship the Lord, so I know that yet again He's speaking to me on this topic.

About a month ago I watched a repeat of the first service at our church (we attend the second service) and our pastor spoke about fasting. I've felt in my spirit God speaking to me about this for quite some time, even before that service. Yesterday - not once, but twice - the topic came up in my devotions and even in an e-mail about a retreat. 

The above are notes that I jotted down so that I could go back and ponder on them. I'm praying about exactly what/how/when He would have me start this practice. Again, I know it's personal, but do any of you fast on a regular basis?  Once a week?  On a certain day? Just when the Holy Spirit prompts you? 

If this is too personal to share, I totally understand, but I'm looking for some input from my precious sisters (or brothers)!

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  1. Fasting is something very personal.

    Instead of fasting during Lent, I try live holy for before Him, every single day. That is very hard because I am a sinner. But He is risen. He's alive. He prays for us.He promises that he will always be with us. Let's celebrate that.

  2. I take very seriously Jesus' instruction about the subject from Matthew 6. Since you sensed the Holy Spirit leading you, be quick to obey. ♥

  3. Hi my dear, I do fast and I do it when the Holy Spirit leads. I too feel the need to do it shortly. God bless you during yours. xx

  4. No, that is something I don't do. Never felt called to do that.

  5. I don't fast unless it is for a medical procedure but I do know it has its health benefits. Liquids are necessary though! I've heard one day a week is healthful. Fasting for spiritual reason is definitely personal. Catholics fast during Lent, but one meal is allowed during the day, or snacks throughout the day that don't equal more than one meal equivalent.

  6. I'm not sure how to answer this. I've contemplated it throughout the day. My fasting is not necessarily is a fasting of the heart and soul...a time of cleansing and pouring out my heart to the Lord and seeking His face for whatever direction He may be wanting to lead me. It's a spiritual time between the Lord and me, and your post makes me want to seek Him again in this deeper way... It's a beautiful time, and I need to quit putting it off...

  7. I think of the scripture where Jesus said "but this kind goeth not out but by fasting and prayer". The disciples were unable to cast out a spirit, and this is when Jesus said these words. I truly believe that spiritual warfare begins when we set aside our flesh and seek the face of the Lord. I've fasted for many years, and have found it to be a tremendous blessing in my life. One word of caution, when coming off a fast, do not eat a full hearty meal, but rather start out very slow with juices, fruits, etc., because the body does not have the enzymes to break down the food available right away when coming off a fast. I've found this helpful to know when fasting. Drinking grape juice, or some other kind of juice is best to let the body know it needs to prepare for food again after a fast. If the Lord is directing your heart in such a way, be willing to follow and see what He would have in store for you :) Blessings to you sweet friend!


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