Thursday, March 1, 2018

{ God IS enough }

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I have a tendency to have way too high expectations out of people. I guess that's a form of pride on my part something that kinda makes me cringe to think about because who wants to admit they're prideful, right? Most of my life I've struggled with my self-worth, too, yet another thing that's difficult to admit.  Over a year ago I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me, "I AM Enough". Now, wouldn't you think that at my age I'd already had that all figured out? It's something that I know in my head but the difficulty has been to get my heart to understand. I can blame these feelings on a multitude of things and situations and past experiences, but the bottom line is that I truly haven't been allowing HIM to be enough.  The Journey devotional from Lifeway has always been one of my favorites and I bought myself a subscription for myself as a birthday gift in January.  Here's what I read in one of the stories just this morning.....

"I have found true Love. 
I sit with Him every morning. 
We talk and I try to be a good listener. 
And when it's time to start my day, 
He helps me reach those hard to reach buttons like forgiveness.
 What a Friend I have in Jesus. 
He is truly enough." 

~Kathy Hutto - Journey ~

My heart has been so full of joy all day long resting in the promise that HE truly is enough.   
(I'm definitely not saying He won't have to keep reminding me, though!)


  1. Oh Yes! Jesus is ENOUGH! How I wish we could ingrain that truth in our brains and hearts and not let it slip away! This world tries to make us believe that He could never be enough, but He has shown us and taught us better than that. We just have to remind ourselves and claim Him in our hearts daily. That is why those early morning visits with Jesus are so important. Don't know how we could make it without our daily visits.

  2. How much easier is life when we can live with this message in our hearts! Beautiful post!!

  3. Yes He is enough, giving all praise and glory.

  4. Love your photos Debbie. Right now we are in a snow storm in my area. Yes, If we have Our Lord we have everything. Praise Him!


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24