Tuesday, May 22, 2018

{ Delighting in the Word }

I went to a simulcast with Jess Saturday morning by Elyse Fitzpatrick, Women Delighting in the Word, and I couldn't stop taking notes. What I jotted down aren't things I don't already know but were worthy of repeating to my weary soul. My takeaway was something that God's been whispering to my heart for about 18 months (to let Him be enough) and served as yet another confirmation! 

I'm sharing my notes with Y'all in HOPE's that maybe they'll be helpful to someone else.....
and so I can go back and read them again.....
and again!

The Bible - God's love letters

NO ONE here on earth can answer my heart's cry

Jesus answers the deep heart sadness

We often read our Bible's hoping God will like us

Suffering always comes before glory - 
life on earth is a life of suffering

Don't read the Bible as a "how-to" manual for a pleasant life

God will use intensely painful circumstances to bring about His glory!

As a sinner, grab the hand of a fellow sinner and run to Jesus!

My identity is not in my husband

My treasure is not here on earth

Recipe for disaster - unmet expectations!
(Y'all, I could write a book on this one)

Jesus destroys all my enemies - the enemies of my soul!

The Bible brings JOY - only when we read it as the story of His redemptive LOVE for His people!

Jesus is reigning as Sovereign King - and as my husband!

All Jesus sees in me is purity - not what I see 
(and for that I say, thank goodness - very low self-esteem)

The only one in heaven with scars is Jesus!

Prayer - Lord, open my mind to understand the scriptures so my heart will burn within me!

The message of the Bible - repentance and forgiveness of sins!

Lay all your deadly "doing" down - 
don't trust in it!

Prayer - God, be merciful to me a sinner. I cannot judge my own heart. I throw myself wholly on Jesus!

 Just as if I had not sinned - 
just as if I had always obeyed!

Jesus always hung out with the lowest of the low of women, saying "you are welcome here"!

God works continuously to bring broken people to redemption!

Jesus identified with me - He's a good husband!

One of my favorite statements made.....

I'm more sinful and flawed than I ever believed -
I'm more loved and welcomed than I ever HOPEd!


  1. Oh Debbie, I am so glad you posted this. If you don't mind, I will be copying some of your notes into my journal as a reminder. So glad to have read this today. I love this line: "Jesus always hung out with the lowest of the low of women, saying "you are welcome here"! and this one: "Prayer - God, be merciful to me a sinner. I cannot judge my own heart. I throw myself wholly on Jesus!" This is what it's all about. It's what Jesus has done and not what I have done. Love it. I love that last statement too. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Oh, Ms. Cathy, I'm so glad that some of these spoke to your woman's heart, too! YES...please take whatever you can glean from my notes and save and share! God is so good...us ladies need each other!

    2. Yes, we do. Thank you.

  2. "My identity is not in my husband", beautiful...we are taught (well, maybe not so much anymore) that as women, we are to obey our husbands etc. God made us all unique and in his image (what a confusing statement, right?). Beautiful post, my friend. Hey, where's the photo of the bike? (giggling)

    1. My post tomorrow is about expectations....I have such HIGH expectations from most everybody, especially my husband. I love that you gleaned that we as women are individuals apart from our husbands...my takeaway was that I put too much stock in how he treats me. I love that God can take the same statement and give two separate messages! Like I told Ms. Cathy above, us ladies need each other! ;-) (one of these days on foto...maybe Friday?....LOL)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, sweet Lady I'm enjoying all your Instagram fotos! 💜

  4. wow! This is all good stuff...thank you SO much for sharing it with us. Yes, your notes will be a blessing to every woman who takes the time to read them. I was just blessed by reading them...thank you for taking the time to share. You are a precious soul and lady...We love you!!! So glad you had this opportunity this past weekend.

    1. You're such a sweet, godly Lady. I'm so grateful that we met through our blogs! It was a much needed time of Bible study with other women.... and the added bonus of getting to spend time with my girl.

  5. You take amazing notes! It was almost like I was there with you. Thanks for taking the time to post this amazing information!

    1. Oh, thank you Friend. It's got to do with my memory... lack of. ☺

  6. You have been an inspiration and a blessing to me (and others) today, Debbie. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.

    1. Thank you, Ms. Carol... especially for the encouragement. I'm glad God prompted me to share and you got something from my notes, too.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24