Monday, May 7, 2018

{ Happy Heavenly Anniversary }

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Yes, I'm sharing this foto of the Iris once again because today is the 7th anniversary of my Mamaw going to heaven. The minister who presided over her graveside service read Proverbs 31 saying he'd never used that scripture for another Lady before.   She passed away on May 7, 2011, the day before Mother's Day, just 4 months shy of her 100th birthday!  This woman was my role model as a grandmother because she was the absolute epitome of one.
(although I CANNOT cook/bake like her.....
but Jess can! Jess also shares part of Mamaw's name....Leigh)

We spent many summer days at her house when we were just kids (my cousins and my brother and me) drinking grape Kool-Aid from a half gallon jar she kept in the refrigerator and eating vanilla cream-filled cookies! She fried the best tasting hamburgers in an iron skillet and don't even get me started on her biscuits and "stickies" (cinnamon rolls) and strawberry cobbler and fried chicken!  My cousin, Carol, and I stayed there a lot on Friday nights and Mamaw would get up early the next morning and make us the best breakfast ever! I distinctly remember Carol and me getting into an argument once over what I don't know and Mamaw made us hug each other and makeup. 
Now, that I didn't like!

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I remember mud pies in jar lids and making "salad" from mimosa leaves and how the mimosa blossoms smelled like peaches.....
swinging on the back porch swing and the old green glider and metal chairs.....
learning to ride a bike one summer on my Aunt Delores' blue bike.....
helping dig taters and sticking my hand into a rotten one.....
helping water the cattle and slop the hogs and the not so pleasant memory of when they'd kill hogs on the coldest day they could.....
making homemade ice cream on the old crank ice cream maker and my Daddy and Uncle Carl taking turns cranking the handle.

She loved her family so much and enjoyed cooking for us probably more than just about anything. But, besides her talent as the greatest cook ever, the thing that I cherish probably most about her was how her face would light up when I visited her. That still brings such a warm feeling to my heart just thinking about it.....
and tears to my eyes.

Oh, yes, she was loved dearly by all of us!

 Mom standing beside Mamaw's house a few years ago.

I've shared this foto so many times in the past, but she was doing what she loved best.....
cooking for our family. And, that's a pan of her famous biscuits!  Also, as I've gotten older, I've developed a love of those "house dresses".....
wonder why?

Rhoda Onalee 
September 13, 1911 - May 7, 2011

Thank you, Jesus, for the blessing of my sweet, precious Mamaw!

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  1. Big hug for you today xxx

  2. What beautiful memories, smiles---and ps I cook my hamburgers in a iron skillet too, smiles.

  3. Sending love and hugs to you today. Happy Heavenly Anniversary to your sweet Mamaw. My Mother also passed on this day in 2006. She would have turned 101 this past January 6th. So hard to believe. I hope these two wonderful ladies are enjoying some heavenly joy today in honor of their anniversary into heaven. What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see...What a day, glorious day, that will be...

  4. Oh, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE these memories as so many of them are like mine with my sweet Granny. Didn't we have the best? Yes! It is my hope that our grandchildren will have sweet memories, too. May you be blessed today knowing what a rich legacy your Mamaw left to you and an example that I suspect you are following. Singing with Pamela, when my Jesus we shall see, and we look upon His face, the one who saved us by His grace!!!

  5. Such beautiful memories of your beautiful grandmother!

  6. Lovely tribute. How wonderful that she was so dearly loved. That speaks volumes about her.

  7. What a lovely post!! When I see this picture you shared because it reminds you of your Mamaw , it reminds me of my Granma. Her name was Iris. It will be 5 years this September since she left us to go Home.

  8. Sweet tribute to your dearly loved Mamaw!

  9. I loved these precious memories of your dear grandmother! I loved both my grandmothers so much and still miss them after all these years. Each one was special in her own way, and each taught me so many wonderful things. Grandmothers are a blessing from the Lord.


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