Tuesday, September 4, 2018

{ Tuesday Tidbits }

I was reminded recently how to get motivated to clean your house.....
invite people over!


Don't be like me and sometimes allow the weeds to choke out the flowers!


Speaking of "weeds"......
I've had something on my mind lately that troubles me and then I got a foto on my TimeHop that was about the very same thing and after that, a friend posted something on Facebook that was along the same thoughts about an emotion that is difficult to get over.....rejection.   I think social media has made the matter even worse since it doesn't go unnoticed when folks pick and choose the friends and family they'll even give a like or comment to.  It's just so sad.

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I'm still walking, Y'all.....
for exercise, I mean!
Who was it who had no confidence in me to keep it up and thought it would have fizzled out after the first day?
Oh, yeah, that was me!


We had a cookout yesterday to celebrate Labor Day and had such a great time, even if all of us were sweating bullets in the heat. It was a blessing to have my family and my back door neighbor who has become such a good friend to join us under the shed for a time of food and laughing and fellowship! And, of course, our grandbabies were here and that ALWAYS makes Nannie's heart happy!


Guess what I did last Friday?
I put out my fall decorations.....
oh, yes I did!
Too early, you say.....
maybe, but it's done and I'm glad because the colors are my favorite.  And, they'll stay out till I decorate for CHRISTmas since I don't celebrate Halloween and what I put out are for THANKSgiving, too!


 Update on the she-shed:
I've got nothing!
It just makes me happy to have her home. 
Oh, I almost forgot, we did buy paint for the inside walls.


Am I the only one who'll be truly glad when mowing season is over? 
I've always loved to mow, but this year it's wearing me out. 
Maybe it's the heat. 
Maybe it's because there are two yards to mow now.
Maybe it's because I'm getting old.


So, that's that about that, Y'all!

HOPE your Tuesday is Terrific, especially if you're returning to work after a day off yesterday!


  1. I enjoyed reading about what you are up to. I can't mow lawns or even vacuum. I have to find victims, I mean helpers, to come do it for me ;).
    Yup inviting people over is a good way to get cleaning for sure.
    As for rejection, I tend to give excuses to people...they are busy, missed it, don't know what to say, etc. and sometimes really people themselves feel that what they have to add isn't important or wanted. Sometimes I feel like who in the world would want to hear anything I have to say.
    I put out my fall pillows on the sofa and am getting ready for more to put out. I felt last year that I didn't do anything for autumn soon enough and I love to enjoy it for a long time!
    Have a lovely Tuesday dear friend and I hope that shed gets done quick as a bunny for you.

  2. Love your tidbits! I need to get motivated to walk. If I did it consistently, then maybe I wouldn't have all this pain. Rejection is a very real thing and I've fought it my whole life. Have a blessed day!

  3. I had planned not to decorate for fall until later in the month, but I'm really getting 'antsy' to get it done. You are so right about house cleaning, I can sure get in high gear when I know company is coming! lol

  4. I decorated my table for fall, and hung a fall wreath on the door. Now that summer is over (Labor Day is the last day, right?) I start thinking FALL. I won't go overboard until closer to October/November. I'm not really in to Halloween, but I do have some pumpkins and scarecrow things, and maybe even a little tiny ghost. But mostly I like owls, pumpkins and autumn leaves, stuff like that. Rejection? Hmmm...I just try to keep my mouth shut when I see all the negative things people post about our President, etc., but some days I just get so sick of it I open my mouth and then I get bombarded with all the hatred....so I try to stay out of the loop, and sometimes I miss the good stuff too, but I find that too much social network stuff can be overwhelming. I can't keep up with everyone, but I would never deliberately ignore someone I love...just don't always get around to saying what I am thinking... Anyway, I've said a lot here...and I always enjoy visiting with you. I can't wait to see what you do with the she-shed. Take your time and do it the way you want it. I know it will be wonderful.
    Enjoy the first day of non-summer...the day after Labor Day. Time to put the white shoes away, right?

  5. I put out a few fallish things last week. Not full-blown fall yet, but little bits. It makes me happy too. Glad you had a nice gathering for Labor Day! I have never mowed grass and actually loathe yard work... all of it. It is too hot in Florida to enjoy working outside in the yard. Wishing you a good week ahead!!

  6. Hello, I went by to say hello, since I've been disconnected from everything for a long time. As always I love your work. That I still think that they are not chapucillas, but great works. A kiss.


Kind words are like honey—
sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
Proverbs 16:24