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Friday, October 19, 2018

{ Friday Foto Friends #152 }

One of my favorite places at my Mom's is in the back field near the woods and I was over there this week hauling off brush.  As I was driving the mower thru the field I kept spotting pretty mushrooms so I parked and took some fotos.....

Yellow wildflowers.....

 I spotted this pretty little lady on the brush I was hauling.....

We've had a gorgeous week with chilly temps, bright sunshine and pretty blue skies - 
 my favorite time of the year!

HOPE everybody has a great weekend!

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  1. Awesome mushroom photos Debbie! I also love to spot a lady bug. When I was younger they used to be everywhere now I very seldom see any.

  2. Happy Friday Debbie. Love the mushroom photos. My family used to pick mushrooms to cook and not one person died from it! LOL! Have a blessed day and weekend dear friend.

  3. Love the mushrooms! Always so interesting to see how many different kinds there are...never quite the same! (That's our God, the Creator, at work again!) Love the little lady bug, and always wildflowers. Glad you've had cooler weather. We are still waiting here in Florida for it to arrive. Have a blessed and glorious day and weekend!

  4. Wow, those mushrooms are so cool. Its been chilly here too and so nice. Glad to have the heat gone for now. I also love that ladybug. They are so sweet.

  5. Such cool pictures. I especially love the lady bug.

  6. I wish I knew the difference between mushrooms and toadstools. They all look pretty to me and I love mushrooms... Great photos!

  7. Like that second mushroom and I think a lady bug is a bug we all like. : )

  8. those mushrooms are so pretty they almost look like fake ones great job! that lady bug is very pretty! I used to hunt the edible mushrooms with my dad as a child they were so yummy! you can't find them hardly now as everything has gotten to urbanized
    happy weekend I will be joining shortly

  9. Isn't nature wonderful in all her variety? great shots.

  10. Great photo's Debbie, love the mushroom. Yes, I am so thankful for cooler weather here in Georgia too.

  11. Beautiful photos and thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  12. The mushroom pics are so pretty. I know in our area they have been in abundance...and we just returned from two weeks in Maine and I noticed the same thing there...and there was such variety.


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