Friday, January 25, 2019

{ Friday Foto Friends #166 }

Remember I told Y'all that our daughter had a surprise for me last week? If we're Facebook friends, then you already know she took me to listen to The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra at the gorgeous Tennessee Theater in downtown Knoxville, my very  first time hearing them.  The first time I was at that theater was over 50 years ago when my Uncle took my cousins and me and dropped us off in front of the theater to see Bonnie and Clyde, the first movie I ever saw at an indoor movie theater. What a special treat to get to go back to the part of Knoxville where I worked many years ago. It was gorgeous all lit up at night and the symphony was just amazing!  My pictures don't do the theater justice, but here are a few that I snapped with my cell phone.

Look at the ceiling.....

The stage.....

The architecture is just amazing.....

And, the lighting..... 

My girl and me on the street before we went in.....

The gorgeous marquis.....

My extra special daughter and her very happy and proud Momma.....

Happy, Happy Friday!

HOPE you have an extra special weekend!

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  1. Beautiful theater Debbie and the The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra must have been wonderful. I have seen these photos on Facebook but I enjoyed seeing them again. Lovely photos of you and your daughter.

  2. When I first saw your photos of the theater, I thought why haven't I visited there? Then I remembered I did visit one time in high school with my mother. It was a beautiful building but mostly I remember I saw a Hayley Mills movie. She was a teenager and had grown her hair long and straight as was popular in the 1960's. That's when I decided I wanted that hair style and grew my hair to the middle of my back. Funny memories.

  3. That is really beautiful!

  4. What a wonderful surprise and treat! It looks like you two had a marvelous time. What a beautiful place! I think it is funny that the first movie you ever saw at a theater was Bonnie and Clyde! What a wild story to show to young girls for their first movie experience! LOL. The first that I remember at a large cinema theater was The Sound of Music, and I've loved it ever since. Thank you for taking us on this little trip with you. I can only imagine how magnificent the music must have been. You have a sweet and lovely daughter...she takes after her mama!

  5. What a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday . The theatre is beautiful but you two ladies rock the word beauty ❤️ Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. What an awesome night that must have been! It was just wonderful that your sweet daughter treated you to such a wonderful evening. The theater is so pretty, lots of eye candy to enjoy. ((hugs))

  7. Beautiful theater! Beautiful ladies. What a great night out!!

  8. The theater is lovely but not as beautiful as your daughter! What a wonderful surprise for you!!


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