Friday, July 17, 2020

{ Friday Foto Friends #188 }

I haven't been out and about much this week - well, unless you count going to the dentist, so, therefore, no fotos!  I did get the first one at our daughter's as we were leaving her house on Tuesday evening after celebrating our youngest grand boy's seventh birthday.  I'm not sure how he can be 7 already - time please slow down.

And, of course, Miss Sage is always around for a foto op - although she doesn't look very interested, does she?

HOPE everybody has a great weekend!



  1. Love the sunflowers! What a beautiful view! And Sage is, well, Sage! LOL. I think he is really cute! I'm so glad you have him to entertain you!
    Have a blessed and beautiful weekend! Try to stay cool, calm, and collected! :)

  2. Beautiful sunflowers and I always enjoy seeing Sage. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. I love the sunflowers and Miss Sage is GORGEOUS! I love tuxies!! Good to see you here!!


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Proverbs 16:24