Tuesday, January 5, 2021

{ Green Eggs and Ham }

 Just thought I'd share my favorite quick but yummy breakfast with Y'all. Take one boiled egg and smash it with a fork, add about a fourth of an avacado and a small dollop of mayo or Miracle Whip (my preference)... sprinkle in some salt and pepper, spread on half a sandwich thin and add a bit of Everything But the Bagel seasoning....

Oh, and you can add ham if you like. I just thought it made for a good post title! 



  1. Wow! I thought we were going to be reading some Dr. Seuss this morning! LOL. That looks very interesting, if you like avocados, which I don't, but it still looks interesting and I am glad you shared this great idea! Makes me wish I did like avocados! LOL. So happy you are posting again! Always a blessing to come here and visit with you. I am not on Facebook as much as I used to be, and am enjoying visiting with our friends here where it feels so much more cozy and safe!! Welcome back!

  2. Just make a quick egg salad and have it one toast. Love the idea! I don't keep avocados on hand but a simple egg salad works for me!

  3. That looks really good!

  4. Oh wow, them green eggs sound yummy! I love avocados, I must give this a try. :)


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Proverbs 16:24