Monday, May 8, 2023

{ Moments With Mom }

(I started clinging to this verse when Mom had a heart attack in 2011
 and it's spoken to my heart so often through so many difficulties

 My little Momma had Alzheimers. She was first diagnosed in 2013 and I do believe it's one of the nastiest of diseases because it robs a person not only mentally, but emotionally and physically. It also removes all filters and control as it progresses. I watched her decline slowly over a period of nine years, but the year of 2022 was the worst. We all go through tough seasons of our lives... and one of my most difficult were the months I took care of her in her home... the same house I grew up in and memories of my childhood and early adulthood were made... many sweet ones... and some not so much. My Momma and I had lots of problems and being there brought back the 'not so much' ones many times. I was tired and broken down and humbled and sometimes very irritated myself... and I bear guilt over that last part. You could put in a thimble the amount of knowledge I have about anything medical or being a caregiver. There were so many physical and mental challenges that required just learning as I went... and prayer... tons of prayer... and Bible studies. Elisabeth Elliott, 'Suffering Is Never For Nothing' and Robert J. Morgan, 'The Red Sea Rules'... these are great books if you're struggling through understanding the 'why' of your situation and some ways to cope. Would I take care of her all over again? Most definitely... but with hindsight often being 20/20, I'd prefer to do it with the knowledge I have now. But, alas, that's not how life works. 

Every night when I put Momma in bed, I'd pray over her... and I'd ask her what do we do when we go to bed and she'd say one word... "Prayer"... and I'd always say, "Thank You, Lord, for getting us through another day".

Thank you, sweet Friends, for letting me ramble... I feel like God prompted me to start blogging again because He knows that I need this outlet. If I can in any way be a help to someone else going through something similar... please, don't hesitate to reach out to me. 

 I'm going to start posting a few of the profound things... at least to me and my heart... that Momma said during her last months of life. I would text them to myself as soon as she said them so I wouldn't forget. Even in her state of mind, she knew where her help came from.  I thought that Mother's Day week would be the perfect time to start.

"I go to bed and go to sleep and sleep all night.        

The good Lord above watches over me and takes care of me."

~~~My Little Momma~~~


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  1. I am looking forward to hearing from your mom via her comments to you. What a blessing to have those memories and to share them here so we can know her better and also so you will have it written down. I am so happy you came back to us!! Love & hugs!!


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