Tuesday, October 3, 2023

{ My Turning Point }

 Our pastor just finished up leading us through a study in the book of Revelation. Out of everything he spoke about in over a year... one lession in particular still stands out to me so I went back and looked through my notes to find it. I'm posting my gleanings here so I'll have them documented. I really do believe that this particular message was a big turning point for me "for such a time as this". I couldn't help but think of the Robert Frost poem as an example.

Revelation 12:13-17

1) Persecuted  

He (Satan) has lost his heavenly privilege so he escalates the attack on the people of God with a worldly mindset (not on the one true God).

Satan wants access to my family and my relationships. He wants access to my mind/thoughts/behavior and to dog me every step.

2) Protection 

wings of eagle = God's deliverance

into the wilderness = protection and provision = place of deliverance

Sometimes in the 'wilderness' all I have is God.

3) Presence

God put me in my wilderness so He could meet me there.

I must live above Satan's attacks.

vs. 17 = Perseverance and Purpose

Stay in the fight, faithful until death


I can let something define me or shape me (my suffering). 

I need to see myself as Jesus sees me....not how I see myself.

If my identity isn't in Jesus Christ, I'm not living a full life.

God gives Satan any authority that Satan has.

Hold to the testimony of Jesus!

Many of you will completely understand why this message touched my heart....profoundly. My take-aways might not have even compared to someone else's but they sure did apply to how I was living....or not living...my life!  I feel as though I'm finally coming alive, coming out of a shell I've hidden in for way too long....and allowing Jesus to mold me and make me into who He wants me to be....not the person I'd allowed Satan to convince me I was.

Aint God good, Y'all?

Oh, yes He is!!!

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