Thursday, June 5, 2008

2008 VBS Continued

Look at me and Pappy riding the surfboards at Outrigger Island (our VBS theme)....just don't look at those bags under my terrible I look!!!
Wednesday night at our VBS is always the night that the plan of salvation is given. Last night we had a guest speaker...I can't remember what his "stage name" was....I happened to hear him on the monitor in the nursery so I took the baby I was taking care of and went into the sanctuary to listen to him. He tried to speak in an Australian accent, and he really captured the boys' and girls' attention....and us older folks, too. Anyway, after he explained to them how he accepted Jesus into his heart, even getting down on his knees and reading scripture from his Bible, an "altar call" was given (they didn't call it that to the kids),
and several kids went up to accept Jesus. I know there are times that they don't understand what they're doing....and sometimes they just follow their friends....but....they're getting the teaching they need, and one of these days they're going to know for sure what happened tonight!!!
Praise the Lord!!!
I couldn't help but have chills and tears in my eyes as I sat in the back and watched. I'm even tearing up just typing this!!
God is so, so good!!!
I am worn out from this week, but if even one little soul gets's all worth it!!! I'm already praying for the day that our little guys give their precious hearts to Jesus!!!! I hope I live to see that happen and for them to be baptized!!!!
Anyway...don't laugh too hard at me and Pappy!!!

And...when we got home...we discovered that somebody had taken my car and filled it completely up with gas!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
We have such wonderful kids!!!!

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  1. how funny. . .

    i wish we could have a guest speaker come. i may mention that to ronda. we could even have a member of the church speak.

    last year ronnie spoke at our commencement and it was sooo good. i'm sure he won't come over there since he has a church now.


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