Thursday, July 10, 2008

Three on Thursday

Have I ever done Three on Thursday???
Not really sure, but don't think so!!! goes:

1....My refrigerator....ain't God good???? He came thru yet again...even better than I would have ever, ever planned it...again, imagine that...that God could work something out better than me!!! He is amazing, and I thank Him, and want the world to know that I am so, so blessed!!!

2....I was talking to a neighbor yesterday morning when I went out for my walk. I think she was watching for me to come by her house so she could chat with me and ask me to pray for a health concern she has. A couple of things about that...first of all...I thank the Lord that people have the confidence in me to ask me to pray for them...I truly hope that they see something "different" in me...of course, the ONLY good in me is Jesus!!! Secondly....when somebody asks you to pray for it!! Don't just say you will...if you have to stop right then and there, do it!!! And.....don't ever hesitate to ask a prayer warrior that you know to pray for the past I've always tried to just take care of my problems all by myself, thank you!!! Never be too embarrassed, or shy, to ask for prayer for don't have to go into detail...God knows the details!!!

3....I spent yesterday morning with our oldest grandson. He just never ceases to brighten my day...both of our boys do!!! He is starting to repeat EVERYTHING that we say, and he points to himself and says "me"....I am so very sorry that the rest of you don't have grandchildren as perfect and precious and gorgeous as mine!!!! Am I prejudiced??? betcha!!!

Okay...that's enough...go have yourself a Terrific Thursday!!!

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