Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Prayer Requests

Can you believe that this month is already half over?!?! When I worked...let me re-phrase that...when I worked on a "public job", as my Dad used to call seemed that the week drug by...but now it's over before I can even turn around!!! It won't be long until Thanksgiving, then Christmas. that I have you all excited about the holidays....let's do the prayer requests!!!

Psalm 54:2 (NLT)
Listen to my prayer, O God. Pay attention to my plea.

1. Ms. Bonnie - Ms. Bonnie and her hubby have been dear friends of ours for several years. She has started a new job and it is very stressful for her. Please keep her in your prayers and also her hubby, Lloyd, as he has some health problems. I know that God has something good in store for them both!!!

2. This one is from Ms. Lisa - "I also would like for you to add one of my neighbors on your prayer list. They are new in the area so I have never met them, but one of the adults in a young couple family committed suicide today. They have two small children. I think it was the woman, but I am not definite. Nothing has been released."
Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.
Suicide is such a terrible tragedy to have to deal with. I had a cousin who committed suicide several years ago and a lot of unanswered questions remain in the minds of the family and friends left behind.

3. Ms. Barney - please keep Ms. Barney in your prayers that the doctors will find out what is causing her health problems. She is a precious, dear lady in our church.

4. Andrew (Drew) Swaggerty - this young man was in an auto accident several months ago and, as I understand, remains in a coma. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

5. Pastor Dallas - God is healing him and he should be back in the pulpit in TWO WEEKS!!! Hallelujah!!! Pastor Dallas, we've missed you and look forward to having you back where you belong!!! Just take care of yourself!!!

6. My sister-in-law, Betty - please keep her in your prayers as she and the doctors try to determine what to do about the lump in her thyroid. She has some heart health concerns that might be a hindrance to surgery. We love you, dear Betty!!!

7. Ms. Cortney - please keep Cort in your prayers as her baby is due any time. We pray for a safe delivery and a healthy, happy baby. We can't wait to meet Ms. Fallon!!!

8. Ms. Evelyn - please keep her in your prayers. They have found a mass in her neck/chest (it isn't malignant), but it is causing her some discomfort and the doctor says it needs to be removed. She has some concerns about the surgery, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she and the doctors decide exactly what needs to be done.

9. This one is a BIGGIE - Ms. Evelyn's grand-daughter and her husband had not accepted Jesus into their hearts. Last week an insurance salesman came to visit the husband...his name is Bob...and Bob got saved from the plan of salvation the man presented to him...isn't that amazing?!?!? We decided he got "heavenly insurance"...Pap called it "Solid Rock Insurance"!!! Anyway...the very next day, a car he was working on fell on him and he had to be airlifted to Johnson City Medical Center. Please pray for this young couple. He was involved in some things prior to his salvation that is going to require he get rid of some of his old "friends". Also, please pray for Ashley, his wife, that he will have a positive influence on her and she will give her heart to Jesus, too. What came to my mind when Ms. Evelyn told me this story was what if....just what if....the car had fallen on him and he had died...before he got the chance to be saved?!?!? God was gracious to give him more time to make that decision. Please, please keep them in your prayers...for his physical healing...and his spiritual strength...and for Ashley's salvation!!!

10. Ms. Marenda - please keep her situation with Baby Gracie in your prayers, that if it is God's will, she and her husband will be able to adopt this little baby girl. Marenda has already seen God working in ways that only He could in this situation.
Ain't God good?!?!?!
11. Jess and Brant - please keep them in your prayers as they are making some major decisions about their future. So many of us have been right where they are now and I'm not sure at that age that I asked God for His help like I do as I've gotten older. I pray that He will lead them...and direct all the decisions that they are having to make!!

Okay..I think that's it...but I want to end this post with a praise. Five years ago next month, Pappy and I joined Beech Springs Baptist Church. God prompted us to leave the church we had belonged to for years and to venture out and find a new church home. That was one of the hardest things I've ever done. We visited several churches but the very first time we visited Beech Springs, we were made to feel so very welcome and wanted...and most of all loved!!! We attended for several months, then joined one Sunday morning in October, 2003. We have never regretted that decision because we know that we are right where God wants us to be. I thank God for our wonderful church family and what they mean to us!!! If you don't have a permanent church home, please pray that God will lead you to a church where you can feel as loved as we do at Beech Springs!!!

God has really rocked our world during the past 5 years...first of all prompting us to change churches...then quitting my job...I asked a lady tonight...wonder what's next??? I really want to know!!!

In His love...and with mine!!!

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  1. I never would have thought my mom would type "rocked my world".

    thank you for including us. I'm so confused as to what to do on a plan! ahahah..

    love yoU!


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