Monday, September 22, 2008

Urgent Prayer Requests!!!

Hey,, I'm not confused...well, yes I am...that's sorta my normal state of mind...I know it's not Thursday, but I have received a lot of news today that I truly feel require prayer. Please, please be much in prayer for these people:

1. Ryan Corning - This is a 20 year old young man who is friends with my cousin who lives near Nashville. He was in a skateboarding accident yesterday and had to be airlifted from Cookeville to Vanderbilt where they did surgery on his head last night. Today, his blood pressure has been really high. Please pray for this young man and for his family...and for my cousin who is really upset.

2. A friend who is having problems on his job. We know that God is in control...and that He knows best. Please pray that God will be with this family and will give them peace that He will take care of matter what!!!

3. Ms. Shari - please keep her in your prayers as she starts her new job and all the complications and new things to learn that goes along with that.

4. Ms. Cortney - if all goes according to plan, Baby Fallon will arrive sometime tomorrow. Please keep Cortney...our great your prayers for a safe delivery of Baby Fallon and that she will be a happy, healthy baby.

5. Ms. Betty - my sister-in-law (Ms. Cortney's grandmother...Baby Fallon's great-grandmother!!!) - please continue to pray for her throat that the doctors can figure out how to treat her.

Please never hesitate to wait until Thursday with a prayer request. If you know of someone in need of prayer, please let me know immediately, and I will post it!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. We are very disturbed to hear about Ryan Corning's skateboarding accident. This tragedy is happening from skateboarding every week across the nation. Skateboard accidents happen 50 time a day that resulted in brain damage and injury. Was Ryan wearing a helmet? We know this pain first hand as we lost our son (28yo) to a skateboard accident in 2005. Since that time The Ian Tilmann Foundation has given out over 1500 helmets to skater who promise to wear them. Our prayers go out to Ryan and his family. Get the word out to wear helmets. If you promise to wear one we will give you one FREE. Protect Gods gifts to you...

    Skate Smart ...
    Wear a Helmet...
    Live to Skate Tomorrow!

    Barry Tilmann


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