Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just a few more!!!

I couldn't resist adding a few more!!!

Pap...and Jess...and my prayer partner...and the Lord.....know how much I love, love, love cardinals....and why!!! I found this flag at Old Time Pottery...and it had "Nana Banana" written all over it!!!
Speaking of cardinals...going thru the drive-thru at the bank Monday morning one landed in a spruce tree right in front of me....just for me!!!

I can't remember where I got the pumpkin basket. The pitcher is Longaberger....back when I worked and had some money and could afford it!!!
ha! ha!...well, it's not really funny, is it?!?!? :(
This little scarecrow means a lot to me...I love scarecrows...and snowmen...but we'll save that for a winter post!!! My dear mother-in-law got me is actually fiber optic. I would love to try to come up with how to use it on a scarecrow body....anybody have any ideas???
Leave me a comment with your idea!!!!

This berry wreath actually came from ABC Distributing...years ago!!!

The pitcher is Southern Home.....again, when I had a little extra money!!! But....the plate that goes with it, I found at a YARD SALE...can you believe that?? I was so excited. And, the candle holder is very old...I've had it about ever since we lived here, almost 30 years!!! It is Home Interior, I think!!!

And, the wreath on my front door....a yard sale find!!!

Okay....I think that's that about that!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. Hello, I enjoyed your fall post. It is lovely. I scrolled down through your posts and enjoyed it very much.
    I very much liked the cross- card that you framed. That would be an easy thing to replicate or do as a craft for Sunday schoolers.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. Wow.! I notice few of your fall decorations are inspired by Halloween.

  3. I love your fall decorations! Thaks for joining in on the party!

  4. Great displays!

    Please visit my blog. I am on post #98 so you know what that means!

  5. love your fall decorations!

  6. Thanks to everybody who, I don't do a lot of Halloween decorating...just fall!! Our daughter was born the end of September...almost 30 years ago..and this is my favorite time of year. Please stop by often and leave me comments...I love comments!!!


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