Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy, happy birthday, Pap!!!

Today is Pap's birthday.
So...I want to list just a few things that I love about him.

1. I love that he is such a good Christian man. I love how he always goes out of his way to help others, especially those he works with....but mostly I love how He loves the Lord....and how he loves me!!!

2. I love what a wonderful Daddy he is. He worked shift work a lot while Jess was growing up, so he picked her up from kindergarten. He taught her to write her name, taught her colors, and numbers....and I still remember them eating what I call "rot gut" chili together, and how she would make a little football stadium with hers to impress her Daddy. He adores Jess!!

3. I love how he knows the Bible. I kid him a lot and tell him how he's my "Bible"....I get lazy sometimes and rather than look up something for myself, I depend on him. He loves Bible trivia, and can't wait for Pastor Dallas to give us a question on Wednesday nights!!!

4. I love the memories that we've made together. I love thinking back to when we were dating and he would come down to the house with his overalls on. To this day....my heart goes pitter patter when he wears his overalls!! I love how we still go on breakfast dates....which consist of going thru the drive-thru at Mickey D's and getting breakfast and parking at Smokies Stadium and eating our breakfast, talking and reading the paper!!!

5. I love how he loves our grandsons. You couldn't ask for a better Pap...or, sometimes Big brother says Pappy!! He loves those boys with all his heart and already prays for their salvation.

I could go on and on....but I just want him to know how very much I love him and how truly blessed I am to be his wife!!!

In His Love...and with mine!!!


  1. I don't you guys, but I just think you and your husband are the cutest thing! Happy Birthday Pap!

  2. Happy Birthday Jack. I hope you had a great day!! you've aged really well!!! you still look pretty much the same as you did in your teens :-) How old we were you when you all had jess, you looked about 12 LOL (you did look young)

    Debbie, you all are so sweet, #4 made me tear-up ..awww!!!

    you guys are special to me.
    love ya!

    p.s. you did really good on the video!!

  3. hey. . .
    i can't wait to see this. . .hopefully my computer will start working soon and i can see it. . .when i read what you wrote above this morning, i just cried.

  4. i exited everything and finally saw it. ..

    yeah. .. . i have the best parents!

  5. Debbie,
    Jack's video was very sweet and you said wonderful things about him, and I think it's great that you're still so in love after all these years of marriage :]


  6. Debbie,
    The video you made for Jack was very sweet and you had so many wonderful things to say to him, and I think it's great that you two are so in love after so many years of marriage :]

  7. Jack, I hope you had a very happy birthday! Haley and I both commented last night, not sure what happened, but we did see your video, it was great. You haven't changed a bit, you still look the same. how old were you when you all had jess? 12? LOL just kidding, you looked so young.
    you and debbie are sweet, and very special people. I hope you had a great day!
    love , tonya


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