Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Morning, Vietnam!!!

I bet you're thinking....what a weird title for a post that's normally about prayer requests.
Well, we're gonna get to those in a bit.
Do you remember the movie, "Good Morning, Vietnam"?
One of the things I remember most about that movie....besides how the disc jockey played by Robin Williams had an amazing way of raising morale.....was that he played the song "What a Wonderful World".
I told Pappy that if God sang a song, I imagine it would be
"What a Wonderful World".

Now, can you just imagine the voice of God sounding a bit like Louis Armstrong???
Okay, that might be a stretch...but...this could be "God's song". Even though we're living in such troubled times and every day we hear of another business facing major lay-offs, or closing, or filing bankruptcy, we still live in a wonderful world.
I spend a lot of time with Jess and the those boys realize all the sad things going on around them?
Not at know why???
All they need is to be made to feel secure...and loved. We....I....need to take this to heart and realize that I...just like our boys...need to keep in mind that as long as my security is in my precious, precious Lord....then I don't need to worry about the world around me....all I can do is pray about the situations and leave the rest up to Him.
Oh, what a mighty God we serve!!!

Here are our prayer requests for the week:

1. Big Brother
As most of you know, I refer to our oldest grandson...who is still a baby to me and Big Brother. He's not feeling well. His temperature is over 103 and he's got an upset tummy....actually upset all over his Momma. Please pray for him and also pray that Little Bit doesn't get it.
2. Kenny Stiles
I've asked for prayer for this little boy in the past about his heart condition. He's 9 years old. He had a stress test this week and will be having a heart cath on March 18th. There is a possibility that he will have surgery on his heart in the spring, or summer. Please, please pray for this situation. I've mentioned his Mom, Marenda, on my blog before. It seems her family has so many health concerns, but, I've told her before, she has so much faith, and that is what will get her thru this, too...her faith in God. Pray for Kenny, for his doctors, and for Ms. Marenda and Adam, and the rest of this dear family.
3. Paul Mayfield
Mr. Mayfield had surgery yesterday for removal of his tonsils, some lymph nodes and a lump on his jaw, where cancer was found. Please pray for him and for his doctors and for the rest of his family.
4. My sister-in-law Frieda
She will be having a needle biopsy next Tuesday, the 20th. She's had so many scares like this over the years, since she has 2 sisters who have had breast cancer. Please pray that nothing is found, that they are just being cautious.
Also...she stumbled and tore a ligament in her foot last fall, and she's having lots of trouble. They put another shot in her foot yesterday, but if this doesn't help, they might have to do surgery. She is facing lots of concerns about her health, so please pray for her and also for Pappy's brother, her husband. If they should read my blog...please know that we love you both and you remain in our prayers!!!
5. Al Andes
This gentlemen attends our church. He just found out that he has a tumor on his liver. Please pray for Mr. Andes and for his wife, Mary. Also offer up prayers for his doctors that they can find a way to make him comfortable, and that the Great Physician will give him spiritual comfort.
6. Larry Dunn
His brother requested prayer for him at church tonight, but didn't elaborate on his condition. Please keep him in your prayers. We might not know what's going on, but God sure does!!!
7. Steven Ramsey
This is a young man who was in a motorcycle accident, and the doctors told his family that the only thing that saved him was that he was wearing a leather jacket. Please pray for his healing, for his doctors, and for his family.
8. Please pray for all those facing layoffs from their jobs.
Thank you for your prayers for Pappy's job situation. Unless there is another layoff, he is safe now. THANK YOU, LORD!!! And, he will even get to stay on day shift...another praise. I certainly don't mean to sound selfish, because there are so many facing so many problems right tragedies, such as divorce, bankruptcy, etc.
Dear Precious Lord,
I offer each of these up in prayer to you. You know what's going on in their lives, be it sickness, pain, financial loss, or whatever the concern is. I know, Dear Lord, you already know the outcome. Please calm each of us, Lord....calm our fears, and help each of us to see that you are still in control, that you still love us, and regardless of our circumstances, that isn't going to change.
We love you so very much, Lord. We rely on you for our everything and we want to always give you the praise and the honor and the glory that you so very much deserve.
In Jesus' most blessed and holy name I pray this....AMEN!
May each of you have a very blessed day with the Lord!!!
In His Love...and with mine!!!

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  1. i love that you prayed at the end. thank you for remembering sam. love you.


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Proverbs 16:24